Domestic Channels

Domestic Channels
  • Domestic Channel
  • NHK’s four television channels are digital and broadcast nationwide in HD. Two are terrestrial and the other two are satellite channels. Analogue television broadcasts came to an end in FY2011.

    Three radio channels are also broadcast domestically: two on medium wave and the other on FM. A live online streaming service for the three radio channels, titled NHK Net Radio "Radiru ★ Radiru" (Japanese web site only), is accessible in Japan.

    A service for mobile receivers, One-Seg, is also available on digital terrestrial broadcasts. Both General TV and Educational TV can be viewed on mobile phones with a tuner.

    • General TV
    • NHK’s main channel offers a broad array of balanced programming. The programs include news and programs that is essential to the lives of the citizens, as well as culture, entertainment and education programs.
    • Educational TV
    • Educational TV offers a variety of instructional programs, aimed mainly at children and young people. Cultural programs are also available.
    • E TV
    • BS 1
    • This satellite channel focuses on the latest news reports from around the globe, as well as international documentaries and live sports broadcasts.
    • NHK BS1
    • BS Premium
    • BS Premium broadcasts rich and in-depth programs with a focus on culture and entertainment, including music, nature, travel and science.
    • NHK BS Premium
    • BS4K
    • BS4K is the introductory channel for enjoying ultra-high definition images, broadcasting its own special content and selected programs from regular terrestrial and satellite services.
    • NHK BS Premium
    • BS8K
    • BS8K is the most advanced channel, providing a unique viewing experience 16x the visual definition of standard Hi-Vision. This channel draws viewers into the stadium, art museum and more with the most extraordinary clarity.
    • NHK BS Premium
    • Radio 1
    • Radio 1 offers a wide range of programs from news to entertainment, with many programs broadcast live.
    • Radio 2
    • This channel focuses on educational programs, such as language learning. Some programs broadcast on NHK’s international radio channel are also available here.
    • FM
    • FM provides music programs with high-quality sound.