Comments from the Top (NHK President)

Summary of Press Conference (December, 2020)

  • On the SDGs campaign ‘Mirai e 17 Action (For the Future – 17 Actions)’

    (Comments by MAEDA Terunobu, President)

    I would like to explain about a new public media campaign on the SDGs ‘Mirai e 17 Action (For the Future – 17 Actions)’ and its first project ‘Chikyu no Mirai (The Future of the Earth)’. NHK has so far run three public media campaigns: ‘Bousai Gensai (Disaster Prevention and Disaster Reduction)’, ‘With Corona’ and ‘Shukatsu-sei Oen (Support Student Job Hunters)’. The new campaign ‘Mirai e 17 Action’ will be launched in January next year. SDGs are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by member states of the United Nations. The goals are intended to be achieved by the year 2030. Aiming to achieve a sustainable and diverse society, the campaign will involve various initiatives including TV programs on the subject. As a public service media, we will try to create opportunities for people to take action to help achieve the 17 goals and realize a brighter future. The campaign’s first project ‘Chikyu no Mirai’, which takes up environmental issues will begin in January. The project manager will talk in more detail about this.

    (Comments from the project manager)

    At the center of the ‘Chikyu no Mirai’ project is the NHK Special series ‘2030 - Mirai e no Bunkiten (2030 - At a Crossroads to the Future)’. The new coronavirus pandemic has shown us the possible dangers of a global economy focused on development and growth. Will we be able to pass on a sustainable Earth to future generations? As scientists are warning that time is running out, we have no time to lose in tackling environmental issues such as climate change. The first episode of the NHK Special will be on global warming, the second on the problems of water and food, and the third on plastic pollution. The episodes will use impressive, high-quality infographics and the latest CG to show the seriousness of the situation. We hope to prompt viewers to think about ways to avoid this crisis and achieve a sustainable future.
    The presenter will be actress MORI Nana. As a representative of the young generation that has to deal with the future, she and the viewers will be able to experience with the latest CG what the world would be like if we don’t act now.
    The theme music for the series will be by TSUNETA Daiki. As a member of the popular rock band ‘King Gnu’ and leader of the musical project ‘millennium parade,’ he has many passionate young fans.
    NHK will produce other programs from various points of view, including BS1 Specials and a feature program which covers Tsuneta’s music making over a long period of time. In addition, we will make posts on Twitter and other social media platforms, as well as ‘Chikyu no Mirai’ and ‘Minna de Plus (Plus for Everyone)’ websites to look at the issues in-depth from various angles and update viewers with the latest information. Many people say the younger generation is more aware of environmental issues. This project aims to encourage such awareness and motivate more people to take action.

  • On strengthening links with commercial broadcasters for BS8K

    (Comments by MAEDA Terunobu)

    On December 1st, BS4K and BS8K have entered their third year of broadcasting. NHK will continue to broadcast a wide range of content and work to promote the formats so that more people will be able to enjoy them. In January, BS8K will broadcast, for the first time, 8K content made by commercial broadcasters. As they move ahead with 8K content production, NHK will deliver the content on BS8K, the only 8K channel, to present viewers with a wide variety of programming. We also think that this will deepen our links and cooperation with the commercial networks. The project manager will talk about this in more detail.

    (Comments from the project manager)

    8K production is increasing both in Japan and overseas. BS8K has broadcast programs made by overseas production companies and international co-productions between NHK and overseas television networks. These are produced with techniques and points of views that NHK doesn’t have, making the programming on BS8K even richer.
    As a new initiative, 8K content made by Japan’s commercial broadcasters will be shown on BS8K for the first time. In January, ‘Tsukuru to Iu Koto (To Make)’ and ‘Three Trees’ from Kansai Television will be broadcast. The presence and beauty of people are skillfully expressed in these programs. In February, Nagoya Broadcasting Network’s ‘Washoku: Eel (tentative)’ will be broadcast. This program also uses the richness of 8K video, to express the beauty of regional food culture in a human drama. These programs have a special feeling and charm about them. With the broadcast of these excellent 8K productions on BS8K, I think viewers will be able to enjoy even more diverse programming. And these collaborations with commercial broadcasters will also help the development and spread of 8K. We will continue to broadcast such programs, as well as other 8K content from Japan and overseas, on BS8K.