Comments from the Top (Executive Director of Broadcasting)

Summary of Press Conference (November, 2020)

  • On special programs for the Year-end and New Year period

    (Comments by MASAGAKI Satoru, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    Of the many special programs for the Year-end and New Year period, I will talk about a few that should not be missed.

    General TV: As the spread of new coronavirus infections continues, documentaries about people facing difficulties “2020 Chousen (2020 Challenge)” will be broadcast. One of them, scheduled to be broadcast on December 22nd, is about a university student in Aichi prefecture who has turned her apartment into a studio to make radio programs. The documentary features voices of university students who are struggling because of the pandemic. It will also show how the student is taking up the challenge of creating a radio drama. On January 4th, “Family History” will feature HASEGAWA Hiroki, the lead actor of the Taiga historical drama “Kirin ga Kuru (Awaiting Kirin)”, with a deep dive into the history of his family.

    Educational TV: I would like to introduce “100-pun de HAGIO Moto (HAGIO Moto in 100 Minutes)”, which will be broadcast on January 2nd. The program will examine the works of manga creator HAGIO Moto. She continues to produce manga across genres including science-fiction, mystery and romantic-comedy, and her works still have a big influence on artists. In this program, experts from different fields will analyze her works from various viewpoints and examine their appeal thoroughly.

    BS1: “Legend no Mokugeki-sha (Witnesses of Legends)” will be broadcast in December. This program will focus on three Japanese baseball players who have become part of history. The program will air over three nights, and each night, people involved in baseball will talk about the legendary players they witnessed: SASAKI Kazuhiro, whose forkball pitches made him known as the best closer in Japanese baseball history; FUKUMOTO Yutaka, a speedy player who held the title for the most stolen bases for 13 consecutive seasons; and TABUCHI Koichi, who was nicknamed the ‘home run artist’ for the way he hit the ball so high and far.

    BS Premium: On New Year’s Day, “Yamatai-koku Summit 2021” will be broadcast. The debate over Yamatai-koku (a country believed to have existed in Japan about 1800 years ago) has continued for many years. Questions yet to be answered include ‘where was Yamatai-koku?’ and ‘who was Queen Himiko?’ Top experts will get together for the program, look at the latest evidence and documents and have a ‘history debate battle’. Through this modern ‘Yamatai-koku debate’, viewers will be able to enjoy history.

    FM Radio:The traditional New Year’s Eve program “Toshi-koshi (New Year’s Eve) Radiomanjack” will present a live nine-hour special. This year, special guests will appear alongside good music to see listeners through to the New Year.

  • On NHK Shukatsu-sei Oen (Support Student Job Hunters) Campaign

    (Comments by MASAGAKI Satoru, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    NHK is organizing a public media campaign for students seeking jobs. This ‘NHK Shukatsu-sei Oen (Support Student Job Hunters) Campaign’ will deliver accurate information and encourage students who are struggling every day to find work as the new coronavirus hits Japan’s job market.

    (Comments by the project manager)

    From December 7th, a new regular program “Kowakunai. Shukatsu (Job Hunting – Don’t Be Afraid)” will begin broadcasting. This five-minute program will air every Monday evening and present the latest information about job hunting, useful know-how that can be used the next day, and mini dramas.

    And in January next year, a drama to encourage students struggling with job hunting during the coronavirus pandemic, “Shukatsu-sei Nikki (Diary of Job-Hunting Students)”, is scheduled to be broadcast. NHK will continue to broadcast programs related to job hunting from February onwards. “Kowakunai. Shukatsu” and other content related to job hunting which has already been broadcast will be uploaded to the official NHK YouTube channel. Also, on the web, a site for job hunting students has been established. Content including reporting by NHK on job hunting, interviews with human resources personnel and knowhow about job hunting is available. And on the official Twitter account ‘Shukatsu Oen NHK’, content such as how job hunting students are feeling will be delivered.

  • On NHK Special “Pandemic Gekidou no Sekai (Pandemic – A World in Upheaval)”

    (Comments by KOIKE Hideo, Deputy Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    The fifth episode of the series NHK Special “Pandemic Gekidou no Sekai (Pandemic – A World in Upheaval)” will be “Bei-Chu Tairitsu Shin-Kyokumen Sekai wa Dou Kawaru no ka (A New Phase in US-China Conflict – How Will the World Change?”). Leadership from the two superpowers, the US and China, is needed if the global economy is to recover from the huge damage caused by the new coronavirus pandemic. However, tensions between the two countries have risen since the pandemic. Could the world again be divided as it was during the Cold War? Or will things improve following the result of the US presidential election? The program reports from Taiwan, Brazil, Serbia and other places where the rising conflict between the US and China has been felt and examines how the international order has been shaken.

    On December 20th, the sixth episode of “Kagaku Rikkoku Nippon no Kiki (Scientific Japan in Crisis)” will be broadcast. Japan is known as a country that achieved many scientific breakthroughs, but it has fallen behind the rest of the world in quickly developing vaccines and treatments for the new coronavirus. What is happening in research laboratories now? The cameras go inside the laboratories working on vaccines and treatments. The program looks into problems on research environment and distribution of funding, issues that have been pointed out for over 10 years. Presented by newscaster OKOSHI Kensuke, the program will examine what Japan should do to overcome these problems and regain its pride as a ‘scientific country’.

  • On “Vatican Himitsu no Kyuden (The Secret Palaces of the Vatican)”

    (Comments by WAKAIZUMI Hisaaki, Deputy Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    For the BS Premium feature program “Vatican Himitsu no Kyuden (The Secret Palaces of the Vatican)", special permission was given by the Curia Romana to film inside areas of the Vatican not open to the public. The program uncovers the mysteries of the Vatican’s 2,000-year history with much valuable footage including the surprising secrets of the palace where popes live, and drawings by the Renaissance master Michelangelo – which will be seen in Japan for the first time. Alongside beautiful images of the magnificent history of Rome, the program will show how the Vatican, which used to be wetlands outside the city, became a holy place that connects people and god.