Comments from the Top (Executive Director of Broadcasting)

Summary of Press Conference (September, 2020)

  • On the programs for the second half of the 2020 broadcasting year

    (Comments by MASAGAKI Satoru, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    Firstly, I’d like to talk about the major programs which will be aired in the second half of this year.
    General TV will be boosting its national broadcasts of news and programs from the regions of Japan in the second half of the year.

    “NHK Chiiki-kyoku Hatsu (From NHK’s Local Stations)” will be launched in the 10a.m. slot. This will broadcast a diverse range of programs made by local stations around the country… including news and current affairs programs which deal with local issues, as well as travel programs.

    “Retto News (News From Across the Archipelago)” will air regularly in the 1p.m. slot, featuring segments chosen from the broadcasts of local stations’ lunchtime news. Unique stories from the regions will be picked up and delivered nationwide to meet the needs of viewers who are interested in news from local areas. The latest weather information will also be delivered.

    “Ochoyan”, the 103rd morning serial drama, will begin broadcasting on November 30th. SUGISAKI Hana will star as TAKEI Chiyo. Chiyo, born to a poor family in Osaka, starts to work at a theater teahouse at the age of 9 and dreams of becoming an actress. She joins a theatrical company and marries a leading comedy actor as she pursues her acting career. The story covers the dramatic times from prewar through to the postwar period. It is full of laughs, tears and humanity.

  • “#Longing to see Shuri Castle – Let’s all support!” Campaign

    (Comments by KOIKE Hideo, Deputy Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    The main hall and other buildings of Shuri Castle in Okinawa were destroyed by fire, which shocked people across the nation. October 31st will mark one year since the fire, and in October and November, NHK will broadcast programs, including dramas and documentaries about its rebuilding, that present this “symbol of Okinawa” from various viewpoints. Over three days, on October 31st, November 3rd and 7th, the 10 episodes of the 2011 BS period drama “Tempest” will be rebroadcast on General TV. Set in 19th century in the Ryukyu Kingdom (now Okinawa), this entertaining period drama stars NAKAMA Yukie, who portrays a woman who disguises herself as a man to become a government official to serve the kingdom she loves. The drama features many scenes shot at Shuri Castle, allowing viewers to see the beautiful buildings of the castle before they burned down. On November 3rd on General TV, a special feature “Digital de Yomigaeru Shuri-jo – Okinawa no Kokoro o Tadoru Monogatari (Digitally recreating Shuri Castle – Following the spirit of Okinawa) [working title]” will be broadcast. Based on the latest research, the appearance of Shuri Castle during what is said to be its glory days in the 18th century – when it was a big hilltop castle complex that went beyond the buildings damaged by the fire – is fully recreated using computer graphics. The program will present secrets revealed by that process, along with why Shuri Castle came to be known as the “symbol of Okinawa”, as it examines the spirit of Okinawa. Other programs that feature Shuri Castle will be broadcast. We hope that this campaign will remind everyone of the beauty of Shuri Castle and support its rebuilding.

  • Educational TV: Zoomback x Ochiai Special Edition “Ochiai Yoichi, Audrey Tang ni Au (Ochiai Yoichi Meets Audrey Tang)”

    (Comments by HAYASHI Rie, Deputy Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    On October 3rd, Educational TV will broadcast “Ochiai Yoichi, Audrey Tang ni Au (Ochiai Yoichi Meets Audrey Tang)”. “Zoomback x Ochiai” is an infotainment program that has so far aired four episodes in these uncertain times of the new coronavirus. It has covered themes closely related to our lives, including economics, the environment and education, pointing the way forward for us. In October’s special feature edition, multitalented OCHIAI Yoichi, who is an educator, researcher and more besides, talks with Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang. Taiwan has attracted attention from around the world for the measures it took against the spread of the new coronavirus, including cutting-edge technology such as a “mask distribution app”. Over a three-hour discussion, the issues covered include the “dangers and opportunities” of the digitization trend which has been pushed forward by the pandemic, the economic outlook for the next decade, and updating democracy. The program is filled with hints on how we live with the coronavirus and in the post-pandemic world.