Comments from the Top (Executive Director of Broadcasting)

Summary of Press Conference (March, 2020)

  • On the response to the new coronavirus and the postponement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

    (Comments by KIDA Yukinori, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    Firstly, I will explain about the response to the new coronavirus. In accordance with the establishment of the Act on Special Measures, NHK, as a designated public organization and a public service media, will fulfil its mission in comprehensively delivering useful broadcasting and services to all its viewers. Yesterday, March 24th, six pillars of action were settled on and announced as an 'Action Agenda', including:
    • Deliver accurate information quickly to ensure safety and security
    • Help to minimize adverse effects on social and economic activity
    • Do everything possible to maintain functions for delivering vital broadcast services
    With our broadcasting and response based on this action agenda, we will properly fulfil our role as a public service media.

    And in terms of the announcement of the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, NHK will undertake a review of its current plans for broadcasting and services. While keeping a close eye on the discussions between the IOC and the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee as to what form the postponed Olympic Games will take, we will continue to make preparations with the aim of delivering the highest standards in broadcasting and services.

  • Initiatives regarding the approach of the 10-year mark since the Great East Japan Earthquake

    (Comments by KIDA Yukinori)

    It is now nine years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and from the new fiscal year in April we will be approaching the 10-year mark. As we head toward that landmark, NHK will use a new slogan for related programming. The new slogan will be 'On That Day, and Towards Tomorrow (ano hi, soshite ashita e)'. The phrase is intended to etch a record of the day the earthquake struck into history, and convey the intention that the experience and knowledge of the intervening 10 years is passed on to the nation and to the next generation.
    In the lead-up to the 10-year mark since the Great East Japan Earthquake, NHK will utilize programming, events and online exhibitions to connect with survivors of the disaster, as well as comprehensively deliver information on the progress of the major reconstruction efforts and investigations into the challenges still being faced.

  • "Okavango: A Flood of Life"

    (Comments by MASAGAKI Satoru, Executive Vice President)

    A highlight of BS8K during April will be the giant wetlands of "Okavango" in Africa, brought to life in ultra-high-definition footage that will transport viewers.
    In the Kalahari Desert that spreads across southern Africa, a vast, arid area turns into rich wetlands for just four months a year, the Okavango Delta. Rains that fall over 1,000 kilometers away run down the Okavango River cause it to overflow and create a rich paradise. There, buffalo and elephants gather in herds. The grasses which flourish across the vast, water-drenched lands attract numerous herbivorous creatures. Those animals in turn attract lions and other carnivores which hunt them. This rich tapestry of life is portrayed in glorious 8K images.
    The program was filmed by Brad Bestelink, who was nominated in the 2019 Emmy Awards in the News & Documentary categories. Bestelink was born and raised in the region, and still lives there. With his deep knowledge of the nature and light of the wetlands, he was able to capture the perfect moments of the incredible scenery and creatures.
    We aim in the future to continue to deliver programs with previously unseen images of miracles of nature and the mysteries of life from regions in Japan and around the world in ultra-high-definition 4K and 8K.

  • Holiday Major Feature Program - NHK Special "Mikaiketsu Jiken File.08 JFK Ansatsu Jiken (Unsolved Crimes File.08 – The JFK Assassination)"

    (Comments by MASAGAKI Satoru)

    I will talk about the holiday major feature NHK Special "Mikaiketsu Jiken File.08 JFK Ansatsu Jiken (Unsolved Crimes File.08 – The JFK Assassination)".
    Based on newly uncovered information and testimonies, the eighth edition of this major series which examines the truth about unsolved crimes, utilizing documentary and real-life drama segments, will be the first episode on an overseas incident.
    The American President John F. Kennedy was shot with a rifle in broad daylight in the most infamous assassination of the century. As well as the investigating authorities, the world's media has continued to search for the truth, and three years ago (in 2017), tens of thousands of classified documents were made public. President Trump declared that the remaining approximately 2,000 would also be released, but then quickly reversed his position. 'National security concerns' were the reason given. NHK worked with a team of 66, including former CIA investigators, US military personnel, experts, JFK's nephew, film director Oliver Stone, and gained access to some of the unreleased documents, which were thoroughly analyzed. The program also follows the journey of Lee Harvey Oswald, the suspect in the assassination who was murdered shortly after his arrest, from Japan to the former Soviet Union and back to America, with a dramatization based on detailed reporting. An up-and-coming young actor chosen in an audition held overseas will play the role of Oswald.
    In addition, the testimonies of former senior officers from the military and the CIA who have never previously spoken to the media will be featured in the program, which takes a deep dive into the dark and shocking incident of the assassination of a president.