Comments from the Top (Executive Director of Broadcasting)

Summary of Press Conference (November, 2019)

  • On special programs for the Year-end and New Year period

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    Firstly, on General TV on December 28th, there will be a special feature on the ‘secret gadgets’ that appear in the manga Doraemon, which has been popular with both children and adults, and in 2020 will mark 50 years since it began publication. The imaginary gadgets are portrayed in a manga, but the latest advancements in science are now bringing them towards reality. The program will examine these latest advancements.
    On New Year’s Day, an NHK Special “10 years after - Mirai e no Bunkiten (At a Crossroads to the Future)” will look at the issue of how we should face the decade ahead. As humanity faces multiple threats, including global warming and food supply problems, it is said we are at a major crossroads looking ahead to the next decade. Newscaster Shinichi Taketa and actress Kaya Kiyohara will present the program, which will ask what we can do to provide a certain future for the next generation.
    And on Educational TV on January 3rd, a “Chieizu (The Fountain of Ancient Wisdom) Special” will examine the deep ties between Japanese people and animals at a time of an unprecedented boom in pet ownership. Episodes from history involving well known dog-lovers, including Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, Oda Nobunaga and Shotoku Taishi, and the ‘wisdom’ which can be learned from them will be featured in the program.
    On BS1, as the Olympic and Paralympic Games approach, a multitude of related programming will be delivered. On December 26th, a new sport selected for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the form of karate will be featured in a behind-the-scenes look at its premier league, showing the appeal of this combat sport. On New Year’s Day, an extended interview with the manager of Japan’s Olympic soccer team Hajime Moriyasu will delve into how he will approach the make-or-break year ahead. In addition, special editions of “Para x Doki! (Parasports Hour!)” on December 29th and "Sports Sakaba Kataritei (Sports Bar Kataritei)” on January 2nd will present sports from a variety of angles for viewers to enjoy. Also, a BS Special will cover the battles of Honda, which this year won a Formula 1 race, the pinnacle of motor sports, for the first time in 13 years.
    Meanwhile on BS Premium on December 30th, against the background of the Emperor of Japan taking the throne in May and the transition from the Heisei to the Reiwa era, a Super Premium special “Tenno no Dinner (The Emperor’s Dinner)” will look back at the history of food and the imperial family from ancient times until the present day. The program will dig into episodes involving the food of emperors through the ages, recreating dishes, and looking at the influences on successive generations.
    On BS4K, a concert by popular Canadian musician Carly Rae Jepsen will be presented in “4K Yogaku Club (Western Music Club)”, along with previously broadcast performances from Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and Queen.
    On BS8K on December 21st, the NHK Symphony Orchestra’s traditional year-end performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony will be broadcast live.
    Lastly, regarding radio, a special broadcast of the “Kamigata Engei-kai (Kansai Performance)” show to mark the 70th anniversary of the start of the program in 1949 will be delivered on Radio 1. The 70th anniversary broadcast will feature manzai comedy duos and other entertainment from public performances. On FM Radio, the traditional New Year’s Eve program “Toshi-koshi (New Year’s Eve) Radiomanjack” will present a live 12-hour special. Popular musicians will perform live and this year marks a half century of FM broadcasting, so various special guests from other programs will be featured, while presenting highly recommended music.

  • Child Abuse Awareness Campaign (#Moshikashite… #What if…) 

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida)

    I would like to introduce a new campaign from NHK.
    It is exactly 30 years ago today (November 20th) that the Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted by the United Nations, and to mark that NHK is launching its ‘#Moshikashite…Gyakutai o Kangaeru (What if…Child Abuse Awareness) Campaign’. With reported cases of child abuse topping 160,000 annually and tragic cases of abuse regularly appearing in the news, NHK will cover this issue in everything from current affairs programs to anime aimed at children. In particular, in order to reach out to the younger generation which will be raising children in the future, the campaign will be fronted by You Yokoyama of boyband Kanjani Eight, who will appear in a special feature program in February. The aim of the campaign is to let children who are going through a tough time and parents who are facing struggles in child-rearing that there are people around them who care. And, it is not only for children, but also to educate the public that helping struggling parents is one way to prevent child abuse. As part of the campaign, four animations have been produced to let children know of their own rights. These animations are being broadcast, beginning with “Shutoken (Metropolitan) Network”, to kick off the campaign, on five nights beginning on November 18th, “Series: Stop Gyakutai – Kodomo no Inochi o Mamoru Tame ni (Stop Child Abuse – To Protect Children’s Lives)”.
    In addition, programs including “Close-up Gendai+” and “Asa-ichi” will take a comprehensive look at the problems of child abuse.
    In February, even more related programming will be delivered. As we move toward February, we will be aiming to stimulate society into action to prevent child abuse by raising awareness among the public.

  • Experience – Earthquake Directly Beneath Tokyo week

    (Comments by Satoru Masagaki, Deputy Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    From September, NHK has been putting a great deal of effort into its 'Saigai Retto Ikiru Skill (Survival skills in disaster-prone Japan)' campaign. As has been announced at press conferences on a number of occasions, from December 1st to 8th, as part of the "Taikan – Shuto Chokka Jishin (Experience – Earthquake Directly Beneath Tokyo) Week", seven related NHK Special programs will be presented, delivering life-saving information from various angles. In the ‘Experience – Earthquake Directly Beneath Tokyo Week’ an NHK Special will present a simulation of the damage which would be caused by an earthquake striking directly beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area, based on the forecast drawn up by the Cabinet Office and the results of the latest research. Meanwhile, on the 'Asaichi' morning talk show there will be information about what can be done now to protect one's family in terms of preparing supplies; the "Gogo Nama" afternoon talk show will feature practical information on what the older generation can do to protect their lives from disasters; and "Heart-net TV" will cover issues including the difficulties faced by people with impairments when they need to escape from disasters. NHK will use the knowledge gathered from its various specialist programs to provide useful information.
    In addition, the "Tokyo Parallel" drama will be broadcast for four consecutive days, portraying a major earthquake directly striking the metropolitan area on December 12th at 4.04 p.m. At exactly the same time, a real earthquake drill will take place in Tokyo, organized by the local authorities in Shibuya, the Marunouchi Building, businesses and other entities.
    Through this campaign, NHK will try to make viewers think about how an earthquake striking directly beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area would impact them, naturally using broadcasting, but also Twitter and other online media, fulfilling our role as a public service media in transmitting information which would be useful at the time of a disaster.

  • Parasports Anime "Breakers" will be shown from January

    (Comments by Ikuko Suzuki, Deputy Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    On Educational TV from January, "Breakers" is scheduled to be shown as part of the "Tensai TV kun" program. The idea behind "Breakers" was to create a production which being an anime was easy to relate to, especially for children, to help people feel more familiar with parasports. The anime will feature four parasports, including wheelchair basketball and para athletics. The story and characters are based on interviews with real parasports athletes. The main character is a similar age to the children in the target audience and is portrayed as someone who has chosen their own path in life. The title "Breakers" carries the meaning of smashing down a barrier to move forwards. The hope is that the anime will make children look at parasports as 'amazing' and 'cool'.

  • Issei Takahashi's Freewheeling Snufkin Journey

    (Comments by Ikuko Suzuki)

    On BS4K on December 28th "Takahashi Issei no Kimama ni Snufkin Tabi (Issei Takahashi's Freewheeling Snufkin Journey)" will be broadcast. Issei Takahashi, who voices the character Snufkin in the "Moomin Dani no Nakamatachi (Moominvalley)" series now showing on BS4K, will travel to the birthplace of Moomin in Finland. Takahashi regularly read the books of Tove Jansson during his childhood and was greatly influenced by them. He was finally able to fulfil his dream of visiting Finland, the birthplace of Moomin, in September this year. With a camera in one hand, he shoots as he enjoys various destinations connected with the author, collecting mushrooms in the forest and visiting the summerhouse where Jansson spent some of her childhood.