Comments from the Top (Executive Director of Broadcasting)

Summary of Press Conference (October, 2019)

  • On the response to Typhoon Hagibis

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    The torrential rains brought by Typhoon Hagibis (Typhoon No.19) led to special heavy rain warnings being issued in 13 prefectures, including Tokyo, and across a number of regions, many rivers broke their banks and flooded nearby areas. 84 people lost their lives and nine are missing across the country, while a vast amount of devastation was wrought. We offer our prayers for those who lost their lives and our sympathy to all those affected.
    With this disaster, as well as the severe damage, people in the affected areas are still unable to return to their homes as the repair and rebuilding work is still difficult. NHK, as a public service media, is providing close support to those affected by the disaster, and in order to support their livelihoods and recovery, is delivering detailed information via television, internet, radio and other means, in other words, we are strengthening our news dispatch using all of our transmission channels. As the typhoon approached, General TV provided 24-hour coverage, delivering evacuation warnings and safety advisories as quickly as possible. After that, regular news programs were expanded, and a large number of special news bulletins were broadcast, along with textual information via L-shaped news ticker and data broadcasting. Disaster news reports were also simultaneously broadcast on the internet. At the regional stations, information necessary for those affected by the disaster was delivered, with slots for local news bulletins created, providing details of evacuation centers and emergency supplies.
    On the internet, a special typhoon website was created, providing necessary information on everyday living for each area, such as where to get drinking water, medical services and places to bathe, as well as on the NHK News WEB and the NHK NEWS & Disaster Info apps. Meanwhile, for those unable to access television broadcasts or the internet due to power outages, information on essential services and utilities needed for those affected by the damage was broadcast via radio.
    For overseas visitors to Japan, as well as for foreigners living in Japan, information was transmitted via the international NHK WORLD JAPAN broadcasts on television and radio, as well as on the website.
    NHK is putting the utmost effort into transmitting necessary information to support the people, their livelihoods and rebuilding in the disaster-affected areas, while fulfilling its mission as a public service media.

  • da Vinci month

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida)

    This year marks the 500-year anniversary of the death of genius polymath Leonardo da Vinci, who is sometimes said to be the most puzzling figure in human history. At the Louvre Museum in Paris, a da Vinci exhibition on a never-before seen scale is being held, while a worldwide da Vinci boom is now taking place. On NHK in November, a range of programs which will approach the riddles of da Vinci from various angles will be broadcast.
    On November 10th and 17th, a two-part NHK Special "Series da Vinci Mystery" will present the results of ground-breaking research while shining a light on the riddles of this genius for the ages, in a story that unravels like a mystery novel. The first episode will examine a project to uncover new pictures by da Vinci. Looking through the paintings using techniques such as X-ray fluorescent analysis allows for the process of drawing them to be recreated, and the latest cutting-edge scientific research will be examined. In addition, the program will explain why the Mona Lisa is said to be the greatest painting in history.
    The second episode will delve into the secrets of this artist who was also very well versed in medicine, biology, physics and engineering, a wide-ranging 'genius polymath'. The program obtained the huge number of hand-written notes that recorded da Vinci's thought processes, analyzing them with AI in a world-first, in order to recreate his 'knowledge network'. The limits of human potential will be examined through the prism of this remarkable individual who achieved such an incredible amount.
    In addition, on the seven programs broadcast on BS4K, including those which have content that overlaps with the NHK Specials, new discoveries based on analysis of images taken with ultra-high-definition cameras, and the finest details of the rich world of da Vinci, will be delivered. And on an Educational TV special "Ijuin Shizuka – da Vinci o Meguru Boken (Shizuka Ijuin – the Hunt for da Vinci)" author Shizuka Ijuin will follow in the footsteps of da Vinci in Florence and Milan, looking at the secrets behind da Vinci's paintings and his personal struggles and conflicts.

  • Experience it live! Africa's great outdoors

    (Comments by Satoru Masagaki, Deputy Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    To celebrate the one-year mark since the launch of BS4K and BS8K, which will be in December, on BS4K on November 30th and December 1st, there will be seven and a half hours of live broadcasting in 4K, a world-first, from the great outdoors of Africa. The program will come live from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania, a popular animal wildlife park that is among the best in Africa. Wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago from "Sekai Neko Aruki (World Cats Travelogue)" will present the program along with actress Yuika Motokariya and actor Arata Horie from a safari vehicle on the savannah. The live broadcast will come from the great African outdoors, delivering ultra-high-definition images and audio of wild animals in their natural habitat, and transforming living rooms into savannahs.

  • Drama: "Spy no Tsuma (The Spy's Wife)"

    (Comments by Ikuko Suzuki, Deputy Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    I would like to talk about the 8K drama "Spy no Tsuma (The Spy's Wife)".
    World-renowned film director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, known for his unique style and for movies including "CURE" and "Before We Vanish" will take on the challenge of creating an 8K drama. Set in 1940s Kobe, it will tell the story of a man who by chance comes across classified information and intends to hand them over to another country. The suspenseful drama will follow the interactions between the man and his wife, who out of love tries to stop him from doing what he is planning. The lead will be played by Yu Aoi and the script written by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, whose "Asako I & II" competed for the Palme d'Or at Cannes last year, along with Tadashi Nohara and director Kurosawa. We are looking forward to what kind of visual images director Kurosawa will create using NHK's 8K technology. Broadcast is scheduled for around springtime 2020.

  • Production of a new version of "Paprika" by Foorin Orchestra

    (Comments by Satoru Masagaki)

    Videos related to the NHK's 2020 project song "Paprika", which was released in July 2018, have been viewed around 240 million times on NHK's official YouTube channel, and many people, especially children, feel a connection with it. The children's music unit Foorin who sing the song are now taking on a new challenge. The five members of Foorin have linked up with 10 children who have impairments or medical conditions to form the Foorin Orchestra. They will together create, using not only singing and musical instruments, but also sign language and body percussion, a completely new version of "Paprika" by mixing together various elements of musical expression. They are set to debut the new version at the Japan Prize awards ceremony on November 8th. The "Paprika Foorin Gakudan Version" is then due to be broadcast on "Minna no Uta (Everyone's Songs)" from December. We are also aiming to broadcast a mini documentary on the making of the new version at the end of the year.