Comments from the Top (Executive Director of Broadcasting)

Summary of Press Conference (April, 2019)

  • NHK Special "Nazo no Tensai Busshi – Unkei to Kaikei – Saishin Kagaku de Semaru 'Kyukyoku no Bi' (The Secrets of Unkei and Kaikei, Genius Sculptors of Buddhist Statues – a Close-up Look Using the Latest Science 'Ultimate Beauty')"

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida, Executive Director of Broadcasting)

    The sculptors Unkei and Kaikei are most associated with the two Nio statues of the south gate at the Todaiji Temple in Nara. The lives and methods of working of the two genius sculptors who brought about a revolution in Japanese art during the Kamakura period were full of mysteries. The research team for the program spent a year and half using the latest technology to shine a light on these mysteries. Using the kind of X-ray and CT scan technologies employed at power stations and oil refineries, investigations revealed a huge amount of old text and secret treasures inside the statues, with one discovery coming after another. These materials revealed dramatic events that led to the two trusted friends becoming estranged. The program will mix in realistic drama with the base of the documentary that fills in a blank in art history in order to portray the reality of these two geniuses.

  • "Nazo no Tenku Iseki Machu Picchu Dai-chukei (Machu Picchu – the Secrets of the Historical Ruins in the Sky – Special Live Broadcast)"

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki, Senior Director, Responsible for NHK WORLD-JAPAN, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    On June 1st this year it will be 30 years since the beginning of NHK satellite broadcasting and half a year since the launch of BS4K. To commemorate this, a special program featuring the world's first live 4K broadcast from the historical ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, which stands out as one of the most famous of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Machu Picchu sits deep in the Andes mountains, on steep peaks at a height of 2,400 meters, built using intricate rock construction techniques. Little is known about who created these magnificent structures and for what purpose. The program will allow viewers to enjoy the historic ruins in the sky against the background of the spectacular scenery in ultra-high-definition 4K images and sound, giving the feeling of actually being in Machu Picchu, with its many secrets and mysterious charms. It will also be broadcast live on BS Premium.

  • BS1 Special "Kyoi no Shinka! AI Robot no Sekai – Jitsuyoka no Saizensen o Tabi Suru (Incredible Advancement! The World of AI Robots – Traveling to the Frontline of Practical Utilization)"

    (Comments by Hiroshi Araki)

    On May 12th, a BS1 Special "Incredible Advancement! The World of AI Robots – Traveling to the Frontline of Practical Utilization" will be shown. Currently in countries around the world, the race to deploy robots equipped with AI in practical situations is heating up. AI robots are being in various industries, including manufacturing, transportation and service sectors, and this field is predicted to increase to 60 times its current size by 2030, pushing global GDP up by 14%. On the other hand, it will take the jobs of large swathes of human workers, with some predicting that 30% of workers globally could lose their jobs by the mid-2030s. Although there are high hopes that AI robots will bring about the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution', the search for solutions that will preserve work and wealth for humans is also underway. What will the future created by AI robots look like? The program will visit seven countries, including America and Germany, which are at the cutting edge of practical utilization, and take a deep look at the current situation and what the future holds.

  • "Eiyu-tachi no Sentaku Special 'Nazo no Sabaku Toshi Petra – Taikoku Roma to Watariatta Himitsu no Kagi (The Decisions of Heroes Special 'The Riddles of the Desert City Petra – The Secret Key to How it Contended with the Roman Empire')"

    (Comments by Yasuhiro Kan, Senior Director, Assistance of Broadcasting)

    On BS Premium, a special edition of "The Decisions of Heroes" program which is broadcast every Wednesday will be shown on May 29th. The setting is 2,000 years ago in the mysterious desert city of Petra, in what is currently Jordan in the Middle East. Its position as a city that linked the trade routes between the Mediterranean and the East allowed it to flourish and attract elements of culture and civilization from around the globe; the written language that was used there is said to have been a forerunner of Arabic. The riches of the city caught the eye of the great Roman Empire, but it was not to be easily subdued, preserving its independence with wit and guile. What was the driving force behind this? The program will feature 4K drone footage of the surviving rock constructions in the historical ruins, delivering a comprehensive view of the whole site, while using the results of the latest research to unearth the secrets behind the prosperity of Petra.