Comments from the Top (Executive Director - General of Broadcasting)

Executive director - General of Broadcasting

Summary of Press Conference (June, 2014)

  • Recommended Summer Special Feature Programs on Each Channel

    (Comments by Yuji Itano, Executive Director-General of Broadcasting)

    On General TV, programs will include "Darwin ga Kita! Ikimono no Shin-Densetsu (Nature Wonder Land Legend of New Creatures) 'Miracle Species'." Educational TV will present programs such as "Nippon Sengo Subculture Shi (The History of Japan's Post-War Subculture,)" which will take a fresh look at subculture in post-war Japan. BS1 will feature programs related to the end of World War Two, including "BS 1 Special 'Yamamoto Isoroku – 70-nen-me no Shinjitsu – Hatsu Koukai: Shokan ni Komerareta Omoi' (Isoroku Yamamoto – The Truth, 70 Years On – Uncovered: The Contents of His Correspondence)".
    BS Premium programs will include the dramatization of the lives of three fighter pilots, from Japan, America and China, in "The Premium 'Gekitsui San-nin no Pilot' ('Shooting Down – Three Pilots')".
    FM Radio will feature programs including "Yashiro to Matayoshi Hitori no Yoru ni (Yashiro and Matayoshi – A Night Alone)" presented by comedians Naoki Matayoshi (Peace) and Manbo Yashiro, who will cheer on the 'around thirty' generation.

  • NHK Special programs related to the end of World War Two

    (Comments by Kouki Morinaga, Managing Director, Assistant Executive Director-General of Broadcasting, Responsible for Disaster Preparedness)

    "Suibaku 60-nen Bikini no Shinjitsu – Hiroshima ga Toku 'Fuin Sareta Hibaku' (Undersea Atomic Test: The Truth of Bikini Atoll 60 Years Later – Lessons from Hiroshima – Hidden Victims)" will uncover the truth about the effects of the U.S. undersea atomic tests at Bikini Atoll, with new investigations into what happened. "Nagasaki Genbaku Bakushin 500m no Shogeki – Shiroyama Kokumin Shogakko 137-nin wa Koushite Nakunatta- (Nagasaki Atomic Bomb: 500 Meters From the Epicenter – Nagasaki City Shiroyama Elementary School, Where 137 Died)" will analyze the destructive mechanism of the Nagasaki atomic bombing through newly discovered photographs. "Kyoki no Senjo - Pelileu – Shin Hakken Film ga Kataru 'Wasurareta Shima' no Genjitsu (Battlefield of Madness: Peleliu – The Reality of the 'Forgotten Island' Told by Newly Unearthed Film)" will tell the tale of the deadly battle between the armies of Japan and the U.S. on Paleliu in the Palau Islands. Other programs will include "Shoujo-tachi no Senso – Aru Gakkyu Nisshi ga Kataru Kokoro no Kiseki (Girls' War – Traces of Their Heart, Told Through a School Journal,)" which will examine and analyze the psychological pressure that children experienced during the war, through the picture diaries from young girls of the time. Music composed by Tadashi Yoshida in occupied territories and lands affected by the war, which reflect his feelings at the time, will be featured in the program "Senjo no Melody – Sakkyokuka Yoshida Tadashi ga Takushita Mono (Melodies of the Battlefield – The Feelings of Composer Tadashi Yoshida").

  • NHK Special "Gion Matsuri – Shiho ni Himerareta Nazo" ("Gion Festival – The Secret Riddle of the Treasure")

    (Comments by Yuji Itano)

    The Gion Festival in Kyoto is one the world's leading events of its kind, in terms of scale and history. The festival floats, known as "yama" or "hoko," are lined up in the city. The "yamahoko" floats, which are adorned with gorgeous decorations collected hundreds of years ago from around the world, are particularly eye-catching. On the eve of the Gion festival, mixed with live footage from a vibrant Kyoto, the history and the secrets of these gorgeous decorations will be presented by Japanese actress, Chiaki Kuriyama.

  • The main lead has been selected for the 2016 Historical Taiga Drama "Sanada Maru"

    (Comments by Masaya Shimokawa, Managing Director, Assists Executive Director-General of Broadcasting)

    The role of Yukimura Sanada, whose real name was Nobushige Sanada, will be played by Japanese actor, Masato Sakai. This will be his third Taiga Drama role, after "Shinsengumi" and "Princess Atsu." Combining with a script by Japanese playwright, Kouki Mitani, we hope people will look forward to what he will bring to the role of a superstar of the Warring States era, Nobushige Sanada.

  • Post-War History Testament Project "Nihon-jin wa Nani o Mezashitekitanoka Chi no Kyojin-tachi (What Have Been the Goals of the Japanese People? Thought Leaders)"

    (Comments by Masaya Shimokawa)

    Approaching the 70th year after the end of World War Two next year, this series will begin an in-depth look at the post-war "Thought Leaders." The programs will examine what leading intellectuals were thinking at the turning points of the era, and what kind of future they were imagining. Through extensive interviews with a wide range of related people, the program will consider the relationship between those turning points and the issues facing Japan today.

  • ABU children's drama series co-production "10-Year Anniversary"

    (Comments by Masaya Shimokawa)

    This year is the 10th anniversary of the project involving dramas with children as the main characters, which were made and broadcast by various television networks across the Asia-Pacific region. This year, programs from the 10 countries will be shown on Educational TV during the summer holidays, from July 28th to August 1st, so that parents and children can enjoy them together.

  • "Sekai Jitensha Tankenbu Argentina no Tabi" ("Cycling World Explorers' Club: Trip to Argentina")

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida, Managing Director, Assists Executive Director-General of Broadcasting, Responsible for NOD)

    The program will show the scenery and people that aren't in guidebooks, and can be encountered through the exhilaration of riding on touring bikes. The setting this time is Argentina, where actor Kazuma Sano will ride from the bottom of the Andes mountain range up to 4,000 meters, aiming for the annual festival at the World Heritage Site of the Quebrada de Humahuaca valley.

  • Programs related to the 60th anniversary of Godzilla

    (Comments by Yukinori Kida)

    "The Premium Godzilla no Daigyakushu- Omae wa Nanimono nanoka (Godzilla's Fightback – What on Earth Are You?)" will use previously unseen material and the latest research to examine the appeal of Godzilla as the heroic "King of the Monsters" over 60 years. "Oto de Kaiju o Egaita Otoko – Godzilla vs Ifukube Akira (The Man Who Portrayed Monsters Through Sound – Godzilla vs Akira Ifukube)" will look at the way composer Akira Ifukube produced the essential music of the Godzilla films, the message behind it, and the secrets to how those sounds were born. In addition, some of the classic productions specially selected from the 28-film Godzilla series will be broadcast.

  • Q&A Session
    Q: On the reasons for the improving viewing figures for the historical Taiga drama "Gunshi Kanbee (Strategist KANBE)"
    A: (Comments by Yukinori Kida)
    There may be various reasons behind this, including the fact that the setting has shifted from the Harima Province to a story set on the national stage, that viewers know more about, as well as the outstanding female characters in the drama. We hope that many more viewers will enjoy the series as it progresses.

    Q: On how Internet services will be deployed if the Broadcast Law is reformed
    A: (Comments by Yuji Itano)
    If the Broadcast Law is reformed, NHK will decide what kind of Internet services it plans to deploy. Then once the law has been passed, and permission received from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, it will be rolled out. For example, services such as Hybridcast will be able to be deployed flexibly. We want to think about what kinds of services NHK can practically offer through the Internet that will be effective and meet the needs of viewers.