Expectations and Attitudes toward the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Findings from the July 2019 Public Opinion Survey on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games [The Fifth Survey]

Published: January 1, 2020

The Public Opinion Survey on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games is a longitudinal survey series that has been conducted since 2016 with the aim of clarifying public interests in the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics including expectations and concerns as well as requests for broadcasting services. This paper reports the findings from the fifth survey held in July 2019.

There is only a year to go, but little change is found in terms of general interests in the Games. About 80 percent of the respondents are interested ("very much" or "somewhat") in the coming Olympics, and about 60 percent in the Paralympics; the figures have been consistent since the first survey.

The evaluation on preparation shows a notable change from the first survey. In the first survey, 80 percent made negative evaluation, saying the preparation is "not going well," but those answering "going well" increased every time the survey was conducted, and the figures are markedly reversed in the latest survey, with about 70% thinking the preparation is "going well." However, regarding specific matters, those worrying about "heat countermeasures for the athletes and spectators" have increased to almost a half from the third survey.

In terms of the broadcast coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, more people have expectations online services ("catch-up service," "simulcasting of TV coverage on the internet," and "provision of information on mobile terminals") than in the first survey.

As of now, with a year to go, only a small portion of the respondents partake in activities related to the Olympics or the Paralympics or feel involved in them through business or other opportunities.

The NHK Monthly Report on Broadcast Research

Takanobu Saito

in Japanese