Experience Ultimate Video and Audio

NHK has led the world in the research and development of 8K Super Hi-Vision.
With ultra high-definition video and 3D audio, Super Hi-Vision will make you feel like you are really there - at the heart of the action.

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About 8K UHDTV

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Beyond the Frame : 8K Future Project

Ultra high-definition image, 16 times that of Hi-Vision

8K Super Hi-Vision offers 33,000,000 pixels, 16 times that of Hi-Vision (HDTV).

Aspect ratio (Width: Height) 16 : 9
Pixel count Number of pixels: 7,680 x 4,320
Frame rate 120, 60, 59.94
Scanning Progressive scanning
Bit depth 10, 12 bit
Color gamut Wide Color gamut

22.2 multichannel sound system

Super Hi-Vision's 22.2 channel 3D sound system soars far above the conventional 5.1 channel system.

We are researching and developing ways for people to enjoy the 22.2 multichannel sound experience in limited audio environments, such as those with fewer speakers, displays width built-in speakers, and headphones.

Technological developments

NHK develops technologies for all phases of the 8K Super Hi-Vision experience - from production equipment such as cameras and microphones, to broadcasting systems through which programs will be delivered.

Producing programs

8K Super Hi-Vision image
  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Players
  • Editing facilities
  • Switchers
  • Slow motion players
  • Captioning devices
  • Image synthesizing device
  • SHV-HD down-converter
  • HD-SHV up-converter
  • Program material transmission device, etc.
8K Super Hi-Vision camera
22.2 multichannel sound system
  • 22.2ch sound microphone
  • Portable recording and editing device
  • 3D audio mixing system
  • Mixer for live feeds
  • 3D reverberator
  • 22.2ch sound headphones processor, etc.
22.2ch sound microphone

Delivering programs

  • Satellite transmission system
  • Terrestrial transmission system
  • Cable television transmission system
  • High-efficiency video/audio codec, etc.
Experimental transmission of Super Hi-Vision on terrestrial waves