Message from NHK, KBS, and PTS

Welcome to the 13th Asian Pitch. This is an collaboration of three Asian public broadcasters for independent directors and filmmakers who live and work in Asia, to tell original stories about your country or Asia. We are looking for original stories from Asia every year, and we hope that yours can be one of them.

We have two main reasons for doing The Asian Pitch. One reason is that Asia is a region with various ethnic groups, religions, politics, and other social backgrounds. When producing a program dealing with issues surrounding the Asian people, we think it is important that the director/filmmaker shares the same values and social perspectives as the local people. The other reason is that we want to support independent Asian filmmakers and production companies by offering them an opportunity to produce programs in HD and by promoting them in international markets.

The past twelve years have proven that there are fascinating untold stories and great talents waiting to be discovered in Asia. We want our initiative to give local filmmakers a chance to tell their stories to the world. We believe the programs will enable the world to understand Asia even better.

Warmest regards,

Sayumi HORIE, Head of Global Content Development, NHK
Youngsam KIM, Director of International Relations, KBS
Wen Chieh TSAO, President, PTS

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  • KBS
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