Ginzan Onsen

Located in Obanazawa City, this is one of the best onsen hot spring town in Yamagata.

The town’s origins go back to when silver mining flourished and a hot spring was discovered bubbling in a river at that time.

The fascinating nostalgic townscape can be described as “Taisho romanticism,” meaning it is reminiscent of the Taisho Era (1912-1926), a classy age.




The Taisho romanticism atmosphere is symbolic of this hot spring town.

Bridges span the Ginzan River that runs through the town’s center, and gas lamps stand on the sidewalks.

The town shows different appearances according to the season: the fresh green leaves of spring, the foliage in fall, and the snowscape in winter all contribute to the townscape.

Along the promenade is a foot bath where you can warm yourself while viewing the scenery.

Hot Spring Ryokan

Hot Spring Ryokan

Both sides of the riverbank are lined with ryokan that were built in the Taisho and early years of the Showa Era (1926-1989).

Many of these ryokan were built modernly in those days, consisting of three- or four-storied wooden buildings with balconies, accompanied by eel-paintings on the exterior.

In 1986 a law was passed to preserve the townscape of Ginzan Onsen, and since then refined ryokan have been preserved.


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