Dive into Yamagata ”Cool”

Only reading guidebooks, seeing photos,
It is not enough to know all the aspects of Yamagata.
Play it and go on a journey of undiscovered “Cool” Yamagata.


“Dome-Shaped Screen Experience” will be held on May 19th(Sat)and May 20th(Sun).  Details in Japanese
#ymgt_cool VR has been released.
“HAIKU MASTERS” talk session in Yamadera JAPAN was held in Yamagata.
We have started the campaign.
Kumano Taisha

A Historical 1,200-Year-History Shrine that Worships the God of Matchmaking

Ginzan Onsen

A Hot Spring Town with “Taisho Romanticism” Atmosphere that Thrived as a Silver Mining Town


Mountain Temple of Long Stone Steps, the Site Where Basho Read His Acclaimed Haiku

Sakata City

Graceful Cultural Crossroads Town that Flourished with Kitamaebune Trade Ships

Photo: Hiroaki Fukuda


“Cool” Yamagata - Yet to Be Discovered.

Visitors to Japan are increasing every year,

and “Cool Japan” is now recognized by people around the world.

But wait – is the essence of “Cool” really getting across?

“#ymgt_cool campaign” is a project that focuses on undiscovered “Cool” scenes in Yamagata in its nature, traditions, and people’s lives – and spreading them across the world through SNS.

One photograph is all it takes to surprise the world.



If you have photographs of the “Cool” scene in Yamagata,
hashtag “#ymgt_cool” and post it on your SNS.

Please post as many times as you like with a hash tag “ymgt_cool”.

Let make a buzz on your SNS and livens up this campaign!

The photographs may be scenes from nature, tradition, day-today life,

or the seasons - any subject is acceptable, as long as the photographs are taken in Yamagata.

In that case, those chosen photos may be used for the following purposes by NHK and Yamagata Prefecture after being contacted by “@nhk_ymgtcool” for asking a permission to use.

Photo: Hiroaki Fukuda
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