• June 28 broadcasts
    China: Visioning the new enormous economic bloc
  • May 31 broadcasts
    FIFA Women’s World Cup: Can “Nadeshiko” win a successive championship?
  • May 31 broadcasts
    Tumultuous Europe: EU integration whereabouts


Q1 Should Japan join the AIIB?
a) Should join b) Should not join
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  • Should join
  • Should not join
Q2 Will the AIIB change the global monetary order?
a) Will change b) Will not change
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  • Will change
  • Will not change
Q3 How will China’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy impact the global economy?
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Q4 How should Japan relate to China with her increasing influence on global economy?
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Q5 Do you think China will be leading the rulemaking of global trade?
a) Will lead b) Will not lead
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  • Will lead
  • Will not lead
Q6 What do you expect from China as an economic giant?
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