The World Talks: Made In Japan

01Japan suffered a trade deficit in 2011 for the first time in 31 years, largely due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, the strong yen, and a huge rise in the price of resources. Meanwhile, others point to the downfall of the 'Made In Japan' brand.

Japan lacks resources, and managed to maintain its trade surplus thanks to increased exports in manufacturing. What drove this was the brand 'Made In Japan.' However, even products such as home electronics, said to be a symbol of the brand, are facing a harsh reality. Large electronics manufacturers that have supported Japan, a "country of trade" and "a huge manufacturing nation," recorded massive losses at the end of March. Products from Japan seem unable to measure up to emerging nations due to price competition, and in quality competition they seem unable to remain as strong as they once were.

The 'Made In Japan' brand's selling point was high quality. How does the rest of the world see it now?

02Meanwhile, the 'Made In South Korea' and 'Made In Germany' brands are developing rapidly. South Korean manufacturers are already established in the global markets of home electronics and semiconductors. More recently automobile manufacturers have grown remarkably, with an increasing number of cars sold worldwide. In 2011 Germany recorded its highest amount of exports thanks to automobiles and mechanical products. It is said that in many countries, the 'Made In Germany' brand has become synonymous with high-quality products.

As emerging nations grew thanks to the developing global economy, it was thought that products from Japan would sell, that newly-rich countries would want them. But that doesn't appear to have happened.

Why has the 'Made In Japan' brand lost its share in the global market? What is the secret behind the impressive progress of South Korean products? And why is the 'Made In Germany' brand able to remain so strong?
03 The 'Made In Japan' brand can be described as a pride of Japan. Wisdoms from around the world will discuss its capability, and how it can become even better.

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