I believe that Sundance/NHK International Filmmakers Award is a very important program for the international cinema in supporting new artists, whoever they may be.
It is important, because new visions created by new talents give us a constant renewal of new ways to look at life, and at the world. That is what is great about art.
-- Robert Redford --


NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), in partnership with the like-minded Sundance Institute, presents the Sundance Institute/NHK Award every year. The Award was created to contribute to the world's visual culture and to promote cultural exchanges through finding and supporting emerging filmmakers.


The Award is presented each year to one filmmaker on the basis of his/her past work (feature film, short film, television drama, music video, or commercial) and the script for the next feature film project. The winning director will be invited to attend the Sundance Film Festival and will receive $10,000.

* Applicants should visit the Sundance Institute website for further details about the award.