Research Area

Technologies for advanced content production


  We are progressing with our research on program production technologies for high-quality attractive content services and wireless technologies for program contributions such as live sports coverage and music programs.
  In our work on content element extraction technology, we upgraded our previous technologies of face recognition, scene text detection and visual-based similar image retrieval and developed a face detection technology that can handle variations in head directions and facial expressions. We also began research on video summarization technology. We developed a mechanism to automatically generate summarized video according to the significance of each video section based on multilateral factors such as tweets on the program and camera movement.
  In our research on content production support technology to help broadcasters in program production, we developed a system that presents information necessary for program production by analyzing text big data including social media and program archives.
  In our research on bidirectional field pick-up units (FPUs), we worked on elemental technologies for high-speed bidirectional transmission. We increased the transmission capacity by improving the hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) retransmission control scheme, reduced latency by redesigning the transmission frame structure and improved the operability by using an automatic IP-address mapping function.
  We are also researching a transmitter and receiver using millimeter-wave-band radio waves for a 4K and 8K Super Hi-Vision wireless camera. In our research on single-carrier transmission technology for a more compact wireless camera, we prototyped an experimental modulator and demodulator with a wider transmission bandwidth and confirmed through laboratory experiments that they are capable of 200-Mbps-class transmission. In our research on a 4×4 MIMO-OFDM (multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) scheme with four transmitters and four receivers for larger transmission capacity, we demonstrated the real-time transmission of video transport streams using this scheme. We also improved the operability of our Hi-Vision wireless camera and used it for program production of the NHK Kouhaku year-end music show.