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New Release! TVML Player II
TVML Player II Version.2.2 is now available
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TVML Player is software which reads a television script written by TVML and makes a TV program in real time. The latest version of TVML Player II is now available. We fully remodeled TVML Player, revised TVML code, adding more powerful functions and samples. TVML let you make your own TV program easily. There is no similar software like TVML. Download a version and experience our TVML Player II!

What's new?

The computer graphics (CG) lightning
Added parameter to model() command. set attenuation rate. The lighting type point and spot can set attenuation rate.

CG character
Following commands are added,
Crossing CG characters; crossingmodel () cross two characters, crossingparts (): specify the crossing rate of each parts
Changing CG character's parts; changeparts(): change the parts to opened parts from 'openparts()'. return to the original parts by 'resetparts()'
autogesture(): control eye and nod automatically.

Direct command
Added playfromhere () command.

Camera command
Added auto-switching function.

Superimpose command
Added layer function.

The voice synthesis software
Compliant with Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) 4.0. DO NOT compliant with Speech API 5.0. * voice.dll is NOT required to use Microsoft Speech API.

For detailed information, please refer to TVML Player II Online Manual.