no.59 (Winter 2015) Long-life, Low-cost, Highly Efficient OLED Developed
no.58 (Autumn 2014) Worldfs First 133-mega-pixel 8K Image Sensor Developed
- Capable of shooting full-resolution 8K video by a single sensor
no.56 (Spring 2014) 8K Theater Camera System - Pioneering a new means of live viewing for opera
no.55 (Winter 2014) NHK Launches Hybridcast Service
no.54 (Autumn 2013) World's First 8K Super Hi-Vision HEVC Real-time Encoder Developed
no.54 (Autumn 2013) STRL's Research Results Applied to Sports Relay Broadcasts
- At the NHK Cup International Gymnastics Tournament
no.52 (Spring 2013) Informal Meeting Held on Humanfriendly Broadcasting Research
no.51 (Winter 2013) Organic Light-emitting Diode with One-third the Power Consumption and Seven Times Longer Life - Toward the Realization of a Sheet Display
no.50 (Autumn 2012) On My Appointment
no.50 (Autumn 2012) Topics
no.48 (Spring 2012) 120 frames per second CMOS Image Sensor for Super Hi-Vision (SHV) Camera -Capable of clear imaging of fast-moving subjects
no.47 (Winter 2012) NHK's Satellite Broadcast Development Recognized as IEEE Milestone! -WorldÅfs first direct satellite broadcasting services for homes
no.46 (Autumn 2011) NHK's Latest Broadcasting Technologies Exhibited at IBC2011
no.44 (Spring 2011) New FPU Reception System used in Outside Broadcasting of Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon
no.44 (Spring 2011) How STRL makes contact with NHK viewers
no.43 (Winter 2011) 80th Anniversary Celebration of NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories (STRL)
no.43 (Winter 2011) STRL Welcomes Visitors from the South African Development Community
no.43 (Winter 2011) Experimental Use of a Technology Developed by STRL in Retrieving for Relevant Programs in NHK On-Demand
no.42 (Autumn 2010) NHK's Super Hi-Vision Exhibit at IBC2010
no.41 (Summer 2010) Ecuador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, and Bolivia Adopt the Japanese Digital Broadcasting System
no.41 (Summer 2010) STRL Technologies Introduced at NAB Show 2010
no.39 (Winter 2009) On the 80th anniversary of STRL
no.38 (Autumn 2009) Argentina, Chile, and Venezuela Decide to Adopt Japanese Scheme for Their Digital Broadcasting!
no.37 (Summer 2009) The Sound Field of a Live Classical Music Concert Vividly Reproduced in a Public Experiment
no.36 (Spring 2009) NAB2009
no.36 (Spring 2009) Reception of Technology Innovation Award and Award of Honor
no.36 (Spring 2009) Peru Adopts ISDB-T
no.35 (Autumn - Winter 2008) World's First! Successful International Transmission of Super Hi-Vision (SHV) Program!
no.35 (Autumn - Winter 2008) Report from Symposium on Multimedia Browsing Technology for the Visually Impaired
no.35 (Autumn - Winter 2008) SHV shown for the first time in Asia
no.34 (Spring - Summer 2008) TVML/TV4U
A Wide variety of applications
no.33 (Winter 2008) STRL Launches Joint Research with European Broadcasting Technology Research Institutions
no.33 (Winter 2008) IBC2007 Held
no.33 (Winter 2008) Super Hi-Vision (SHV): Approved as SMPTE Standard
no.32 (Autumn 2007) Automatic Activation of One-Seg Receivers Ensuring safety and security wherever you go
no.32 (Autumn 2007) NAB2007 Exhibition Great Successes for Super Hi-Vision (SHV)!
no.32 (Autumn 2007) STRL's Broadcasting Technology in the Spotlight
no.31 (Summer 2007) Impressive Overseas Demonstrations of the Japanese Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting System
no.30 (Spring 2007) Morphovision Popular at Overseas Exhibitions
Presented at SIGGRAPH2006 and ARS Electronica Festival 2006
no.29 (Winter 2007) At my Inauguration as Chairman of the ABU Technical Committee
no.28 (Autumn 2006) Brazil Adopts Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Scheme Based on Japanese ISDB-T
no.28 (Autumn 2006) Image Format of Ultrahigh-definition TV Adopted as International Standard
no.27 (Summer 2006) Ultra High Definition TV system: Great Success at NAB Show
no.27 (Summer 2006) Gaze Data Measuring Experiment on Elementary School Children Watching "News for Kids Weekly"
no.27 (Summer 2006) Construction of "Invisible Panel" to Display Information to Performers that is Invisible to a TV Camera
no.26 (Spring 2006) Release of HDTV Transmission System Using 60-GHz-band Radio Signals for Broadcasts from the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino
no.26 (Spring 2006) First-ever Abroad! Super Hi-Vision (SHV) Exhibition
no.26 (Spring 2006) NICT R&D on Multimedia Browsing Technology for the Visually Impaired Begins
no.25 (Winter 2006) World's First Live Relay Experiment of Super Hi-Vision
no.25 (Winter 2006) Super Hi-Vision Becomes a Permanent Exhibit at the "Kyushu National Museum"
no.24 (Autumn 2005) 3D Image Display System "Morphovision"
no.24 (Autumn 2005) Lecture at the University of the South Pacific
no.22 (Spring 2005) Successful Experiment to Re-transmit Digital Terrestrial Broadcast-waves Using Optical Communications Networks
no.22 (Spring 2005) Digital Watermarking Compliant with Re-shot HDTV Video
no.21 (Winter 2005) Preparations for showing Super Hi-Vision at Expo 2005 Aichi
no.21 (Winter 2005) World Debut at Expo! "Global Studio" Using Axi-vision & Robot Camera
no.21 (Winter 2005) Ultrahigh-sensitivity HDTV New Super-HARP Camera for Nighttime Film Shooting
no.21 (Winter 2005) Service Experiment on ch@net for TV-capable PC
no.20 (Autumn 2004) Mito Broadcasting Station Presents TVML PR rep "Pippy" at Opening of Prefectural Digital Broadcasting in Ibaraki
no.20 (Autumn 2004) Organic EL Newscaster Light Lights up the Athens Olympics!
no.18 (Spring 2004) Preview of 2004 NHK STRL Open House
no.18 (Spring 2004) Release of the Latest Version of the TVML Player
no.17 (Winter 2004) Exhibitions
no.17 (Winter 2004) SET2003
no.17 (Winter 2004) TELECOM2003
no.17 (Winter 2004) ABU Technical Committee 2003 Annual Meeting
no.16 (Autumn 2003) Summer Vacation Public Event: The Universe Seen in Hi-Vision (HDTV)
no.16 (Autumn 2003) Elementary and Junior High School Students Tour STRL
no.16 (Autumn 2003) ABU Researcher Arrives at STRL
no.16 (Autumn 2003) Ultrahigh-speed, High-sensitivity Color Camera Employed in Golf Relay Broadcast
no.13 (Winter 2003) License for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting and Network Technology
no.13 (Winter 2003) IBC2002
-STRL Researcher Wins the IBC President's Award for Best Paper 2002
no.13 (Winter 2003) Researchers from Brazil Arrive in Japan
no.12 (Autumn 2002) Summer Vacation Public Event:
Investigating the Mechanism of Radio
no.12 (Autumn 2002) Field Trip to STRL for Elementary and Middle School Students
no.12 (Autumn 2002) ABU Researcher Arrives at STRL
no.12 (Autumn 2002) Brazil SET2002 Congress
no.10 (Spring 2002) Efficient Polymer EL Devices
-RGB emission by phosphorescent polymers-
no.10 (Spring 2002) Development of 3D HDTV Transmission System
no.9 (Winter 2002) First anniversary of BS digital broadcasting
no.9 (Winter 2002) Simultaneous Subtitling of Live Broadcast Programs by Automatic Recognition of Re-spoken Speech
no.9 (Winter 2002) NHK Learning Fair 2001
no.9 (Winter 2002) Clinical Trial of Retinal Surgical System Using Super-HARP HDTV Camera
no.9 (Winter 2002) Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Experiment for Mobile Reception on Shinkansen Super-Express Railways
no.8 (Autumn 2001) Broadcast Asia 2001
no.8 (Autumn 2001) IBC 2001
no.8 (Autumn 2001) Exchange program with Stanford CSLI
no.8 (Autumn 2001) New ABU Researchers at STRL
no.7 (Summer 2001) ch@Net (Broadcast programming homepage navigation system)
no.7 (Summer 2001) Closed-caption Service Expands to "News at 9"
no.7 (Summer 2001) Chairman of the KBS Board of Governors Visits STRL
no.7 (Summer 2001) Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Broadcast Engineering
no.7 (Summer 2001) ABU Board of Directors Meeting
no.6 (Spring 2001) Automatic Digital Video Picture Quality Monitoring Technique
no.6 (Spring 2001) Telecom Asia
no.6 (Spring 2001) R&D on the Next Generation Mobile Satellite Communications/Broadcasting System
no.6 (Spring 2001) Development of Prototype 2000 Scanning Line Ultrahigh Definition Color Camera
no.6 (Spring 2001) HARP Imaging Tube Exhibited at RSNA
no.5 (Winter 2000) Comparison Test Results in Brazil
- Clear Superiority of the ISDB-T system -
no.5 (Winter 2000) ITU-R Adopts ISDB-TSB as Draft Recommendation
-International standardization of Japanese digital terrestrial sound broadcasting system-
no.5 (Winter 2000) The 2nd NHK-KBS Digital Group Meeting
no.5 (Winter 2000) The 37th ABU General Assembly and Engineering Committee
no.5 (Winter 2000) ITU-T WP1/9 Agrees on Draft Recommendation J. api
no.4 (Autumn 2000) ABU Researchers Arrive at STRL
no.3 (Summer 2000) Coupling Wave Canceler for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting
no.3 (Summer 2000) Symposium for the 70th STRL Opening Anniversary
no.3 (Summer 2000) The 2nd NHK Research Award Scheme for ABU Engineers in 2001
no.3 (Summer 2000) NAB2000 (National Association of Broadcasters)
no.2 (Spring 2000) Japanese Digital Satellite Broadcasting System Approved As International Standard
no.2 (Spring 2000) Japanese Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting System Adopted at ITU-R
no.2 (Spring 2000) Agent-TV Development by FACTS
TV with automatic customized program selection for viewers
no.2 (Spring 2000) BBC's Science Program: "Tomorrow's World" Introduces Integral 3D Television
no.2 (Spring 2000) Home Server Exhibited at NAB2000
no.1 (New Year 2000) A Report on the Technical Condition of Digital Terrestrial Sound Broadcasting
no.1 (New Year 2000) Data Broadcasting Verification Test Conducted

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