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Japanese-English news translation support system using past translation examples
Figure: System Interface
This Japanese-English translation support system has been developed to enhance NHK's international news broadcasting effort.
The system helps translators who translate Japanese news into English. When a key Japanese expression is inputted to the system, the system retrieves similar expressions from a database and shows the retrieved results to the translator in the form of the Japanese and English article pair (Figure). The database includes a large number of Japanese and English news translation examples that have been accumulated over the past six years. The database has 60,000 Japanese/English article pairs.
Using this system, translators can easily find translations of proper nouns not included in dictionaries and special expressions in the news articles. In addition to retrieving by keyword, by considering the word order of the input key expression, the most appropriate English article can be selected from among those in the database. The system is also easy to operate; translators can operate the system through a network via a WWW-browser-type human interface.
This system has been operating at NHK's translation site for its international broadcasting service since June, 2000. NHK currently broadcasts about 15 hours of English news every week. We plan to extend the system's language database to include article pairs in Japanese-Chinese, Japanese-Korean, English-French, etc.

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