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Publication of the English edition of the STRL Annual Report
The English edition of the STRL Annual Report has just been published. This report compiles the major research accomplishments of STRL during fiscal 2000. STRL's research is concentrated in three main areas: "Advanced ISDB," "Content Production Technologies," and "Future Broadcasting Services and Basic Technologies." The 2000 edition introduces 47 important and unique research subjects. It also includes a database that indicates STRL's activities in fiscal 2000. This edition emphasizes visual composition, with many figures and pictures, making the report easy to read even for readers who are not in the engineering field. The entire 2000 STRL Annual Report can also be viewed on our web site. Please visit our site to see the latest edition of the STRL Annual Report.


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A brand new building that will house all of STRL has just been completed, and our hope is that it will foster a new era for broadcast technology. The foundation stone of the new building is a floor stone from the entrance hall of the Communications Training Institute, which is located at the same site. The Communications Training Institute building was the original STRL, dating from 1930.
The floor stone is thus a fitting symbol of the history of research and development of broadcasting technology in Japan, from the early days of television research, beginning with the work of Dr. Kenjiro Takayanagi, to the recent development of HDTV (Hi-Vision) and digital broadcasting.
This stone, now at the entrance of the new building, will be a witness to the future of a broadcasting technology that will realize the dreams of viewers.
Osamu YAMADA, publisher, Director-General
Keiichi KUBOTA, editor-in-chief
Takayuki ITO, editor
Hisakazu KATOH, editor
Yasushige ASHINA, editor
Michihiro UEHARA, editor
Hiroyuki KOYAMA, editor

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