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Do "Mushrooms" Luminesce?
The NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories has succeeded in capturing an image of the luminescence of a mushroom (Tsukiyo-take; Lampteromyces Japonicus) using an ultrahigh sensitivity HDTV (high-definition television) handheld camera.
Although it had been known that the Tsukiyo-take luminesces (self-luminescence), the emitted light was too faint to be megascopic, and proved difficult to capture by TV camera.
This time, NHK employed an ultrahigh sensitivity HARP camera* in an intermittent read-out mode (6 second stored time), and successfully captured a luminous Tsukiyo-take emitting green light. (The above picture was taken on a mountain in the southern part of Nara Prefecture without the use of any lighting at around 2 a.m. last October. )
*: This long period intermittent read-out was achieved by a drastic reduction of dark current at the New Super-HARP camera tube, considered to be the heart of the camera.

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We have long been promoting the development of technology to contribute to the creation of a new broadcasting culture. Our efforts are based on the idea that broadcasting is a cultural creation activity based on the very latest science and technology. What does this contribution to cultural creation through technology really mean? What does it include?
When oil paint was invented, the significant improvement it provided in the range of color expression and preservability made it easier for the artist to transfer the images from his imagination onto the canvas and be confident of their long-term survival. As a result, many people, from that time on, have been able to enjoy and appreciate their paintings. I believe that this is an example of cultural creation utilizing the latest technology of the time, in this case, oil paint.
The NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories is also working on research by which new "oil paints," new methods of expression based on 21st century technology, can be given to modern video artists, producers and directors.
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