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New Super-HARP HDTV Camera Captures the Leonids
NHK succeeded in clearly capturing the Leonid meteor shower as it appeared in the eastern sky at the foot of Mt. Fuji before daybreak on November 18, using the latest handheld Ultrahigh Sensitivity Super-HARP HDTV Camera, developed by the Science & Technical Research Laboratories.

When a break in the clouds finally appeared around 4 A.M., approximately 50 shooting stars were observed in the space of an hour. The video taken was shown on that day's edition of the morning news program, "Good Morning Japan."

*: The Leonid meteor shower occurs at 33-year intervals. A stream of meteors is observed mainly in the area of Leo. The shower is known for its especially large number of meteors.

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Japanese digital satellite broadcasting began on December 1 of last year. I have noticed two things while watching this new form of broadcasting.
First, there is the high quality of the Hi-Vision news programs, which began with the start of digital broadcasting. These have exceeded all expectations. In addition to delivering a more true-to-life presentation of the studio newscasters, it seems as if we can see every detail of the coverage location. In all, it permits the delivery of a completely different sense of realism in news programming. It is a very fresh, new mode of visual expression.
The second point I noticed, or reconfirmed, was the remarkable increase in the dynamism of sports programs. For this reason, even replays of action from old events like the Sydney Olympics or the U.S. major leagues are utterly absorbing.
Hi-Vision will continue to give us new kinds of impressions and discoveries that differ from those of conventional television broadcasting.
Osamu YAMADA, publisher, Director-General
Junji KUMADA, editor-in-chief
Naoki KAWAI, editor
Kazumasa KOBAYASHI, editor
Yasushige ASHINA, editor
Takashi KAWAI, editor
Hiroyuki KOYAMA, editor

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