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Ultrahigh Sensitive HDTV Camera Greatly Contributes to Deep Sea Probes
The Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC) has developed, first to the world, an HDTV underwater camera designed for deep sea probes (3000m class) equipped with an ultrahigh sensitivity imaging tube (HARP imaging tube) developed by NHK. In May this year, JAMSTEC conducted shooting experiments at several locations, including Sagami Bay. As a result, it became possible to capture unusually vivid video images of such sea creatures as shrimp, crabs, jellyfish, and deep sea fish (realistic enough to make viewers feel as if they were actually looking at nearby creatures through their own mask). The picture was taken at a depth of approximately 800m.

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During the Sydney Olympics in September this year, one of our viewers sent us the following comments.
"I recognized again the high quality of Hi-Vision (HDTV) while watching the broadcast of the synchronized swimming group competition at the Olympics. It seemed to precisely reproduce the exact performance of the Olympians, including their swimming suits decorated with small beads, and the flowing and splashing movement of the water around the performers as they competed with such beauty." The viewer added: "Since it happened to be broadcast simultaneously with Standard TV (SDTV), I clearly recognized the difference in picture quality between HDTV and SDTV."
This comment reaffirms the importance of the continuous broadcasting technology development that NHK, as a broadcaster, has been pursuing in order to deliver programs with enhanced realism.
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