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Publishing of the English STRL Annual Report

The English edition of the STRL Annual Report was published. This report compiled the major research accomplishments of the STRL during fiscal 1999.

Research by the STRL is done in the following three main areas: "Studies of New Broadcasting Services," "Studies for Improving Conventional Broadcasting Services," and "Studies for Opening up Future Broadcasting Services." The 1999 edition introduces 54 important, unique research themes in each column section. This edition contains improved visual composition, with many inserted figures and pictures, making the report easier to read even for readers who are not in the engineering field. The entire 1999 STRL Annual Report, including its full-text, can also be viewed on our web site. Please visit our site to see the latest edition of the STRL Annual Report.


Seventy years have already passed since the NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories were established in Kinuta, western Tokyo, in June 1930. We have spearheaded most of Japanese broadcasting media developments.
Now, the diffusion of the Internet, personal computers, and cellular phones, along with the advancing digitalization of conventional broadcasting including satellite, terrestrial, and cable TV networks is promoting, in every field, the technological development of new services that are not bound by the framework of conventional broadcasting are now going on.
In such an atmosphere, we believe that it was both appropriate and timely for us to hold a symposium entitled "Broadcasting Innovation," on July 7, 2000, as one of our 70th anniversary projects. It was designed as an occasion for promoting lively discussion and suggestions regarding the future of broadcasting and services that are yet to be developed.

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