Holding of BS Digital Fair

NHK will hold the "BS Digital Fair" at the Broadcasting Center in Shibuya, from April 29 through May 7. In cooperation with commercial digital satellite broadcasters, we are going to show the attractiveness of digital satellite broadcasting. This Fair is one of the digital satellite broadcasting promotional events for the start of a digital satellite broadcasting service this coming December. This year's annual open house of the Science and Technical Research Laboratories will be integrated with the BS Digital Fair.

NHK regards the digital satellite broadcasting diffusion stages as a "Hop, Step, and Jump" promotion, in preparation for the start of broadcasting. This "BS Digital Fair" can be considered as the "Hop" in the promotion. For the event, good use will be made of the Broadcasting Center's front entrance lobby and studios to highlight the excellence of digital broadcasting. Exhibitions will include a display of the latest digital equipment that will be utilized for digital satellite broadcasting, and a "future living room.".
The second "Step" promotional stage will be the events related to the Kyushu- Okinawa summit meeting in July.
The last stage, the "Jump" part of the promotion, is the full-scale test broadcasting of the Sydney Olympics in September.
These promotions will help make known the distinctive and attractive features of digital broadcasting. We are determined to delight our viewers with the start of digital satellite broadcasting service on December 1, with the goal of reaching 10 million subscribing households within the first 1000 days of the service.

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