"Radio Japan Online" Test Distribution on the Internet

On February 4, NHK launched the test distribution of news bulletin broadcasts from NHK World/Radio Japan, the international radio service of NHK, on the Internet. Complete news programs presented by Radio Japan in 22 languages can now be heard on the Internet. The advantage of the Internet distribution is that real-time live news programs can be listened to with equal sound quality anywhere in the world. These daily news programs are distributed for eight hours and 20 minutes per day. It is estimated that the current total of Radio Japan listeners around the world is between 12 and 13 million. We are hoping for a further increase of that total. The diffusion of Internet services has been advancing rapidly and, to enrich existing broadcasting services, NHK is increasingly going to supplement them by utilization of the Internet. NHK decided to launch the test distribution of Radio Japan news on the Internet as part of its research and studies for this goal, seeking both to increase Japan's international contribution and to augment NHK's services for Japanese speaking people around the globe.

URL http://www.nhk.or.jp/rj/index.html