Experimental Digital Satellite Broadcasting Starts

In preparation for the start of digital satellite broadcasting in December this year, experimental digital satellite broadcasting commenced on March 15.
During the ceremony for the start of experimental broadcasting, held at the NHK Broadcast Center in Shibuya, the "start" button was jointly pushed by Vice-Minister Tani of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, President Shirakawa of BS Fuji, President Shoyama of EIAJ (Electronic Industry Association of Japan), and President Ebisawa of NHK. The Digital Satellite Broadcasting Reception System Test Center Council conducts this experimental broadcasting using the substitute BS-3N satellite. Various types of signals, including video, audio, and data are broadcast allowing receiver manufacturers to verify proper signal reception by their products.
The experimental broadcasts will continue until August, followed by additional test broadcasting starting in September, continuing through the opening of regular broadcasting on December 1st this year.