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Sunday, March 19th Space Flight with Mr. Mohri
- A view from the space shuttle -

On February 11, 2000 (U.S. eastern time, February 12 in Japan), Mr. Mohri departed on his second space flight aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor. For this mission, an onboard HDTV camera was installed at the strong request of Mr. Mohri, and this was used for the second round of HDTV shooting in space.

This HDTV shooting was a joint earth observation experiment of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), NASDA (National Space Development Agency), and ESTO (Earth Science and Technology Program), and one of the key features of the Endeavor mission.

A special HDTV program was produced featuring HDTV videos taken by Mr. Mohri over a period of 7 days. Outstanding views of the earth were obtained from Endeavor's window at an altitude of 233 kilometers.

Preparations for the commencement of digital satellite broadcasting in December are advancing steadily.
One advance was the start of experimental digital satellite broadcasting using the spare BS-3N satellite on March 15, 2000.
NHK will hold the BS Digital Fair at the Broadcasting Center in Shibuya from April 29 through May 7 to call attention to the attractiveness of digital satellite broadcasting in an uncomplicated manner. Some of the research results will be presented at this BS Digital Fair. Additionally, the BS Digital Fair is scheduled to be introduced in detail at NHK Online on the Internet.
Targeting the whole world for the timely and clear dispatch of information, our laboratories will be promoting various PR activities. This Broadcast Technology is a new English quarterly journal inaugurated in January of this year with the aim of presenting information in a manner that is easy to understand. Please look forward to future editions of Broadcast Technology.

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