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"The Universe Within III - The Human Genome"

"The Universe Within III - The Human Genome" series plainly introduces the world of genetics using familiar topics from daily life. The programs investigate genes thorough the latest microscope and gene decoding devices located in the studio. The latest computer graphics technology exhibits the elaborate and marvelous invisible micro-world in the form of realistic, beautiful visual images. This program has also established a homepage offering various types of information to our viewers, including detailed program contents and a search menu for questions on genetics.

Digitization is a worldwide trend. It has been expanding broadcasting technology research and fusing related technology and services in the computer and communication fields. Rapid technological development in various areas is being promoted by global cooperation between research institutions. More than ever, we are determined to strengthen our cooperation on a worldwide scale.
In order to facilitate the dispatch of information regarding our Laboratories' activities and research results, we have decided to publish this "Broadcast Technology" quarterly journal. The purpose of this journal is to promote public relations by providing information regarding the status and results of the research which we are advancing with both engineers and many who are engaged in the broadcasting field.
This first issue of "Broadcast Technology" is a special edition featuring the digitization of satellite broadcasting, which we regard as the most significant topic.
This edition not only introduces present broadcasting research in Japan, but also provides information on trends in the entire broadcasting industry.
We are going to address various broadcasting trends as well as the research which the STRL is promoting in the coming editions of "Broadcast Technology".

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