8K Theater

5/24 (Thu) - 27 (Sun)

This event brings you the latest 8K content (about 12 minutes) while you enjoy the excitement of Super Hi-Vision images brought to you using a laser projector that handles full-featured 8K, along with 22.2 multichannel sound reproduction.


5/24 (Thu)

1:20 pm - 5:00 pm*

5/25 (Fri)

5/26 (Sat)

5/27 (Sun)

10:20 am - 5:00 pm*

* Final screening starts at 4:40 pm

What you’ll see:

* Full-featured 8K content (In addition to a wide color gamut and a high dynamic range (HDR), these were shot at a high frame frequency of 120 Hz.)

Venue: Auditorium (Note that capacity is limited)