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New Experience of Synchronous Multiple Viewing by MMT


Use the tablet to switch to the viewpoints of various characters and try to guess which one will finish in first place. Enjoy the new viewing experience made possible by MPEG Media Transport (MMT) technology.


Technique for distributing synchronous video by combining broadcast and broadband
While viewing a video of the entire stadium on the TV, you can use a hand-held tablet device to switch to videos as seen from the viewpoints of various characters. The use of MMT, which is a distribution technology that uses both broadcast and broadband, makes it possible to accurately synchronize the video presented on the TV and on the tablet.
Towards the realization of a new viewing experience
We expect to provide a new viewing experience that combines broadcast and broadband for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. In addition to multi-viewpoint synchronized video distribution, we are also moving forward with R&D on MMT distribution technology for providing new viewing experiences such as VR/AR content.
  • VR/AR: Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

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New Experience of Synchronous Multiple Viewing by MMT

  • New Experience of Synchronous Multiple Viewing by MMT
  • High precision inter-terminal syncronization
  • Switching of viewpoint on a tablet