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Let’s Try Virtual Reality


Virtual reality (VR)※1 is a technology that can reproduce the video from your viewpoint according to your movement by computer and create the feeling that you are actually there. Here, you can experience immersive 360° VR video in which the displayed image matches your movements. You can try it on two types of displays.


VR using an 8K display
We have applied 8K technology to VR by using the world’s smallest 8.3-inch 8K OLED display※2. You can enjoy a high-resolution VR experience by holding the display and moving it in various directions.
VR using a tablet device
You can move the tablet device around to view the video in any direction and enjoy the VR content produced by NHK.

Future plans

We will continue to investigate various applications of 8K technology and the possibility of VR as a new TV viewing style.

  • The location of VR content: Tsukuba Space Center, The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
  • The exhibit of VR using an 8K display is presented in cooperation with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
  • ※1 VR: Virtual Reality
  • ※2 8K OLED display: A 1058 ppi 8K display device that uses the organic electroluminescence effect (a phenomenon in which light is emitted when electric current flows through a substance)

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Let’s Try Virtual Reality

  • Let’s Try Virtual Reality
  • VR using an 8K monitor
  • VR using a tablet terminal