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Pop-up Book Based on Integral 3D


An integral 3D television displays natural 3D images that can be viewed without having to wear special glasses. Here, you can see a pop-up book based on the same principle. By manipulating the book, you can change the apparent depth of the 3D scenes shown in the pages.


Natural stereoscopy from integral 3D images
An integral 3D image recreates the light rays in various different directions so as to reproduce the same light as when looking at the actual object. This makes it possible to see a natural 3D image that changes according to the viewing position without the need for special glasses.
Real-time computer-generated integral 3D technology
Since integral 3D requires information about light rays to many different directions, a great deal of processing power is needed to produce computer-generated integral 3D images. We have developed a method for efficiently calculating light ray information that enables interactive manipulation of the apparent depth of the 3D scenes.

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Pop-up Book Based on Integral 3D

  • Pop-up Book Based on Integral 3D
  • Pop-up book based on Integral 3D
  • People can interactively control the 3D objects.
  • Educational application based on Integral 3D