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8K Laser Projector
Full-Featured 8K Images on a Large Screen


We have developed a full-featured 8K※1 laser projector that incorporates a new light source with high power and low interference. Here you can experience a huge 450-inch screen showing previously created content and new content captured with a full-featured 8K camera.



Large-screen display with an 8K laser projector
Experience highly realistic high-definition video with less motion blur and wider color gamut on a large 450-inch screen.
Laser light sources yield higher luminance and less noise
We have produced a high-quality projector by using high-power laser light sources that are twice as bright as conventional equipment, while halving localized color shifting (speckle noise) that occurs as a result of interference of the laser light at the screen surface.
High-dynamic-range video compatibility
Our system can display high-dynamic-range video images captured using the Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) system.

Future plans

We will work to improve the performance so that this system can be used for large-screen public viewings during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

  • This projector has been developed in partnership with JVC KENWOOD Corporation.
  • It complies with laser safety standards.
  • ※1 Full-featured 8K: a television system that provides highly realistic high-definition video with wider color gamut and less motion blur by combining a high resolution (8K) with a high dynamic range, a high bit depth (12 bits per RGB channel) and a high frame frequency (120 Hz)
  • ※2 Color-space coverage: The area-coverage ratio of a display gamut to the ITU-R BT.2020 gamut in the xy chromaticity diagram (according to the ARIB technical report TR-B36)

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8K Laser Projector Full-Featured 8K Images on a Large Screen

  • 8K Laser Projector
  • 8K Laser Projector