3Internet Technology for Broadcast Services

Media-Unifying Platform
Viewing environment for various distribution media


Diverse Internet services are making people view broadcasting program in wider range of environments than ever before. We are conducting research on a platform that allows people to view content in a simple operation without having to use different operations according to distribution media and viewing devices.



Distribution media selection adapting to the viewing environment and device
Users can always enjoy the same easy operation to view contents by facilitating the automatic selection technology of appropriate distribution media—e.g., broadcast, Internet Simulcast, and VOD (video on demand)—depending on the viewing time and location, as well as the functionality of the viewing equipment.
Inter-device linkage suited to the viewing environment
We are developing technology which makes ways of content viewing more convenient and comfortable by utilizing cooperation among multiple devices in accordance with the viewing environment. For example, broadcast content could be viewed on a device with no broadcast receiver function, and content being chosen on one device could be viewed on a separate large-screen.
A program link description method that spans across broadcasting and network services
By identifying the same content distributed via different broadcasting and Internet media, we can generate specific link description to this content. When SNS user shares a link to viewing content, it becomes possible for other users to view the same content via a medium appropriate to each viewing environment.

Future plans

We are researching and developing a service that facilitates the convenient viewing of content suited to the viewing environment on diverse devices, such as smart phones and tablets, and we will soon be running user trials.

  • Part of this research is being conducted in cooperation with NTT DOCOMO, INC.

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Media-Unifying Platform Viewing environment for various distribution media

  • Media-Unifying Platform
  • Automatic selection of appropriate viewing method according to user context
  • Program content sharing across different media based on a link description