30Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

Ultra-Directional Microphone
For sound recording from a distance


We are researching and developing a microphone that can pick up sounds clearly at sporting events even when the crowd is cheering. In order to pick up sounds from a narrow specific range, we have developed a shotgun microphone that has sharper directivity than a conventional device.



A longer acoustic tube for sharper directivity
A shotgun microphone has a sharp directivity owing to the effect of an acoustic tube attached in front of the diaphragm (vibrating plate). By using a longer acoustic tube than that in conventional devices, we have made a device with sharper directivity.
Acoustic tube design technology
We have developed a simulation technique for improving the design accuracy of acoustic tubes with sharp directivity. This makes it possible to design high-performance acoustic tubes more efficiently.

Future plans

We aim to use the ultra-directional microphone at 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, and are working to improve its performance.

  • This research is being conducted in cooperation with Sanken Microphone Co., Ltd.

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Ultra-Directional Microphone For sound recording from a distance

  • Ultra-Directional Microphone
  • Comparison with conventional shotgun microphone