253D Television

Fundamental Technologies for Integral 3D Television
From the capture to display of actual scenes and objects


We are researching integral 3D Television with the objective of realizing 3D TV that is natural and easy to view. Here, we describe imaging technology that does not require a lens array, depth-compressed expression technology for high-quality depth display, and display technology for improving the quality of 3D images.



3D imaging with multi-viewpoint robotic cameras
We have devised imaging technology for generating high-quality 3D models and converting the models into elemental images. The models are generated by estimating depth from a multi-viewpoint video shot with a multi-viewpoint robotic camera system※1. This approach makes it possible to shoot larger subjects and moving subjects without a lens array, which was previously required.
Depth-compressed expression technology
A characteristic of integral 3D TV is blurring of the distant background and near foreground. By keeping the subject within a narrower depth range, we achieved a higher quality integral 3D display. By taking the characteristics of human spatial cognition into account, we were able to eliminate the unnatural appearance in the images, even when there are large changes in shape.
Color moire reduction technology
Previously, the color moire※2 that occurs in directly viewed integral 3D image displays was addressed by using diffusion in optical elements, but this method reduced the image quality. We developed a technique that eliminates color moire by combining multiple display devices. The technique improves resolution and other factors of overall image display quality.

Future plans

We will continue to move forward with research on integral 3D TV imaging and display technology, targeting a practical system with improved 3D display.

  • ※1 Multi-viewpoint robotic camera system: A control system for coordinating multiple robot cameras. One camera is operated by the camera operator and the other cameras are oriented towards the subject being shot by the camera operator.
  • ※2 Color moire: A phenomenon in which a striped pattern of colors that differ from the original colors appears in a 3D image.

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Fundamental Technologies for Integral 3D Television From the capture to display of actual scenes and objects

  • Fundamental Technologies for Integral 3D Television
  • Multi-viewpoint robotic cameras
  • Depth-compressed expression technology
  • Result of three display unit's synthesis