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Next Generation Terrestrial Broadcasting Systems
For advancing terrestrial broadcasting


We are developing transmission and video and audio coding technologies toward the next generation terrestrial broadcasting. We here present a hierarchical transmission system that simultaneously provides Super Hi-Vision for fixed reception and Hi-Vision for mobile reception, plus harmonized technologies with broadband for mobile terminals and elemental technologies for high-efficient video and audio coding systems.



Advanced technologies for hierarchical transmission
To support diverse services in the future, we have developed a hierarchical transmission system that can flexibly set transmission rates for each system layer and remultiplexing (remux) equipment supporting IP※1 for harmonization with communication lines. We are also studying a system in which LDM※2 is applied to the mobile reception layer.
Terrestrial broadcasting services for mobile terminals harmonized with broadband
We have developed harmonized technologies with broadband networks to continuously enjoy TV programs by receiving the simultaneous delivery of video and audio content through broadband networks in locations inaccessible to radio signals. Introducing a mechanism applying MMT※3 technology will enable seamless switching in which the user is unaware of whether content is being received through broadcasting or broadband networks.
Video and audio coding technologies for new services
We are developing novel and highly-efficient video and audio coding schemes which can deliver an improved quality of experience to audiences and support a large variety of viewing and listening conditions. We are also working to support object-based audio that can optimize spatial sound distribution in accordance with the loudspeaker settings and arrangements, which may differ among users.

Future plans

We plan to solve the technical issues associated with the introduction of next generation terrestrial broadcasting systems and to develop systems that can meet a wide range of requirements.

  • A portion of this research is being performed under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan as part of its program titled "Research and Development for Advanced Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting System".
  • ※1 IP (Internet Protocol): Protocol for performing data communications on the Internet
  • ※2 LDM (Layered Division Multiplexing): Spectrum overlay technology to transmit multiple data streams in one RF channel with different robustness and data capacity for different services
  • ※3 MMT (MPEG Media Transport): A media transmission scheme supporting diverse transmission channels also adopted for Super Hi-Vision satellite broadcasting

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Next Generation Terrestrial Broadcasting Systems For advancing terrestrial broadcasting

  • Next Generation Terrestrial Broadcasting Systems
  • Remux equipment
  • Modulator
  • Comparison of spectrum of transmission signals
  • Comparison of constellation of transmission signals
  • Demodulator
  • Received image
  • Comparison of received images due to presence / absence of communication complement function