22Super Hi-Vision

8K Super Hi-Vision FPU
For live transmission of 8K video signals


We are developing wireless link systems for live 8K program production. This exhibit introduces a real-time 8K transmission system that uses high-capacity microwave/millimeter-wave FPUs※1 and an encoder and decoder based on the highly efficient HEVC/H.265※2 video compression method.



Microwave-band FPU
By improving the spectral efficiency over the same 18-MHz bandwidth as an HDTV FPU in microwave bands (6/6.4/7/10/10.5/13 GHz bands), we have achieved long-distance transmission with a capacity of approximately 200 Mbps. We are also contributing to the development of Ministerial Ordinances and the standardization.
Millimeter-wave-band FPU
In the millimeter-wave bands (42/55 GHz bands), we utilize a wide bandwidth of 125 MHz to implement medium- and short-range transmission at speeds of approximately 400 Mbps. In March 2017, this method was reflected in a revision to the standard (ARIB STD-B43).
8K HEVC encoder/decoder for transmitting video footage
We have developed an encoder and decoder for video footage that can perform encoding and decoding of 8K video in real time using the HEVC/H.265 compression method at a high rate of approximately 200 Mbps. This will enable 8K transmissions through FPUs, communication satellites, and IP systems.

Future plans

We will continue making performance enhancements, such as by reducing the size of the equipment, and we aim to implement a system with a high degree of operability.

  • ※1 FPU (Field Pickup Unit): Portable wireless links for the transmission of program footage, used for the transmission of outside broadcast programs and other video footage
  • ※2 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)/H.265: A highly efficient video compression method standardized by ISO/IEC and the ITU, that is suitable for 8K/4K video

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8K Super Hi-Vision FPU For live transmission of 8K video signals

  • 8K Super Hi-Vision FPU
  • 8K camera and radio frequency transmitter units of 8K Super Hi-Vision FPUs (placed outside of exhibition booth)
  • Radio frequency receiver unit and demodulator of 8K microwave FPU
  • Radio frequency receiver unit and demodulator of 8K millimeter-wave FPU
  • 8K H.265/HEVC decoder and 8K video transmitted through 8K Super Hi-Vision FPU