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Program Production System Running on IP Network
To operate a production system efficiently


We are researching and developing a program production system that uses an IP network so that the production facilities can be operated with a more efficient workflow. This exhibit introduces a converter for transmitting 8K signals over an IP network and the method used to share equipment between studios over the network.



Accepting 8K video transmissions from diverse outside broadcast sites
To transmit program contribution in the live program production, we have developed an IP converter for uncompressed 8K video signals. By converting the transmitted signals into IP packets, we can use dedicated IP lines provided by telecommunication operators. This makes it possible to transmit high-quality 8K signals from remote locations at a low cost.
Efficient operation of production facilities
We have developed a resource provider that dynamically allocates program production facilities on a network to the studios where these facilities are required. By managing the use of these facilities so as to avoid conflicts, we can implement efficient operations where facilities are shared between multiple studios.
Making remote facilities part of an efficient workflow
When using a facility at a remote location, such as a studio in Tokyo that uses a camera situated in Osaka, it has hitherto been necessary for the studio user to ask someone at the remote location to connect up or hand over control of the requested facility. With an IP network, the user can remotely control the equipment directly, resulting in a quick and reliable workflow.

Future plans

We will research and develop the technology needed to make program production systems compatible with IP networks, and we will promote efforts to standardize this technology.

  • IP network: A telecommunication operators’ network or broadcasting stations network that uses the Internet Protocol to transmit data

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Program Production System Running on IP Network To operate a production system efficiently

  • Program Production System Running on IP Network
  • Uncompressed 8K over IP transmission
  • 8K IP converter
  • Resource sharing by Resource Provider