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Speech Recognition for Smart Production
Speech Recognition for Live Captioning and Program Production


We are studying speech recognition as a means of creating closed-captioning in live information programs and transcribing comments in video footage. This exhibit demonstrates our technology for recognizing information programs containing many indistinct utterances in real time, and for efficiently producing annotations in video footage.



Real-time speech recognition in information programs international standards
In information programs that cover a broad range of subjects and feature guest speakers offering commentaries on these subjects, the speech often includes background noise and inarticulate utterances, which can cause problems in speech recognition. Using a deep neural network , we can perform accurate speech recognition to generate subtitles to this kind of information program in real time.
Rapid production of transcripts from video footage international standards
For program production based on a wide range of video footage, it is essential that comments included in the video footage can be transcribed rapidly. We are developing a system that uses speech recognition technology to produce transcripts from video footage both quickly and efficiently.

Future plans

We will continue our efforts to develop speech recognition technology that functions accurately regardless of the background noise or the clarity of speech, and we will develop a speech recognition interface that is optimized for program producers to use.

  • Deep neural network: A method for modeling the brain’s network of neural pathways with a multilayer model

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Speech Recognition for Smart Production Speech Recognition for Live Captioning and Program Production

  • Speech Recognition for Smart Production
  • Speech recognition for informative variety show. Cptioning technology for live broadcasts.
  • Speech recognition for transcribing gathered interview footage. Transcription is essential to produce accurate and prompt programs.
  • Interface for speech recdognition optimized for program production