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E1Future Devices

Future Image Sensor Technologies
Revolutionizing broadcast cameras


We are refining our imaging devices to improve current 8K Super Hi-Vision cameras and help develop future three-dimensional cameras. This exhibit introduces our latest achievements in imaging devices.



Back-illuminated small-size image sensor
We have prototyped a novel image sensor for 8K Super Hi-Vision with 33 million pixels of size 1.1μm. The sensor size is equivalent to 2/3 optical inch and the back-illuminated pixel structure contributes to its sensitivity and speed. Newly developed high-speed A/D conversion circuits are integrated, enabling a high frame rate of 240 Hz.
Pixel-parallel processing three-dimensional integrated imaging device
The signal processing circuit for each pixel is arranged just beneath the photodetector, allowing every pixel to output simultaneously. This means we can increase the pixel count and still achieve a high frame rate. We have demonstrated its validity with our latest 128 × 96-pixel prototype.
Solid-state image sensor overlaid with photoelectric conversion layer and organic image sensor (Poster Exhibits E-P1, P2)
Photodetectors convert light into electrical signals and are usually made from silicon. We believe that substituting silicon with selenium, a compound semiconductor, or an organic material will improve the sensitivity or color separation performance of image sensors. The poster exhibits explain our latest achievements.

Future plans

We will continue to pursue a wide range of research, from fundamental technology to device development, in an attempt to dramatically improve broadcast cameras.

  • The research on back-illuminated small-size image sensors is jointly being conducted with Shizuoka University.
  • The research on pixel-parallel processing three-dimensional integrated imaging devices is jointly being conducted with the University of Tokyo.
  • The research on organic image sensors is jointly being conducted with Kochi University of Technology.

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Future Image Sensor Technologies Revolutionizing broadcast cameras

  • Future Image Sensor Technologies
  • Back-illuminated Small-size Image Sensor
  • Pixel-parallel Processing Three-dimensional Integrated Imaging Device