8K Super Hi-Vision

Real-Time Spatio-temporal Video Format Converter -Towards ultra-high-efficiency video transmissions with spatio-temporal scalability

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We are conducting research into an ultra-high-efficiency video transmission system that can deliver video signals with various spatio-temporal resolutions※1 ranging from 8K Super Hi-Vision to 2K Hi-Vision. We are demonstrating a real-time video codec system that uses a spatio-temporal video format converter we have developed.


Ultra-high-efficiency video transmission system
Blocking artifacts can be suppressed by reducing video resolution and frame rate to 2K 60P from videos with higher resolutions, including 4K 120P, before encoding on the transmission side. On the reception side, the decoded video frames are up-sampled to the display resolution by applying spatio-temporal hybrid image reconstruction technology.
Resolution conversion using spatio-temporal hybrid image reconstruction technology
The spatio-temporal hybrid image reconstruction technology is capable of constructing images with a higher resolution and a higher frame rate than the input video by combining super-resolution technology※2 and frame interpolation technology※3.
Adaptive reconstruction using auxiliary side data
The reconstruction process on the reception side is adaptively controlled with auxiliary information obtained through parameter optimization on the transmission side.

Future plans

We will develop devices that can process videos up to the level of 8K Super Hi-Vision. We will also introduce new reduction and reconstruction axes other than spatio-temporal axes, such as bit-depth conversion, and techniques for making further improvements to images in order to achieve even higher compression rates.

Reconstructive video coding system with real-time spatio-temporal video format converter

Reconstructive video coding system with real-time spatio-temporal video format converter

  • ※1Spatio-temporal resolution: The combination of the frame rate (temporal resolution) and pixel count (spatial resolution).
  • ※2Super-resolution technology: A technique for increasing resolution by supplementing edges and fine patterns.
  • ※3Frame interpolation technology: A technique of compositing an image of an intermediate frame from the frames before and after it.