8K Super Hi-Vision

8K Super Hi-Vision PL Mount Lens & Baseband Processor Unit -Innovative Equipment for Promotion of 8K Super Hi-Vision

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On exhibit are a baseband processor unit that can be used with a high-resolution cinema camera to simultaneously transmit 8K, 4K, and 2K videos, and a single-chip camera lens for 8K Super Hi-Vision.


High-resolution 8K Super Hi-Vision video processing using a cinema camera
[Baseband Processor Unit]
The unit takes raw data from a Sony F65 camera equipped with 8K image sensors and converts them into high-resolution 8K video signals. The signals are automatically down-converted to 4K and 2K so signals in three different qualities can be transmitted simultaneously.
Multi-format video production [Baseband Processor Unit]
The unit is equipped with an SR memory card slot so you can play out the recorded raw data. It can also up-convert or down-convert 4K signals to 8K or 2K.
8K Super Hi-Vision single-chip camera lens
The camera lens is a PL mount that is used with consumer cameras.

Future plans

These technologies will be used for live sports coverage and content production to promote 8K Super Hi-Vision.

  • The baseband processor unit was developed as part of research commissioned by the NexTV-F (Next Generation Television & Broadcasting Promotion Forum) for the "Development and Formation of 8K Content Production Environment".
  • The baseband processor unit was developed in cooperation with Sony Corporation.
  • Single-chip camera lens was developed in cooperation with Canon Marketing Japan, Inc.

This exhibitis presented by the Engineering Administration Department.

Baseband Processor Unit

Baseband Processor Unit

  • ※1RAW data: unprocessed data from an imaging device
  • ※2DG: Dual Green. A method of producing 8K resolution by doubling the bandwidth for green which has higher luminous factors than red and blue.
  • ※33G-SDI: a video transmission standard
  • ※4FIR Filter: Finite Impulse Response Filter, a type of digital filter