To be held on May 29 (Thu.)


Research presentation 110:20 a.m.〜

Enhancement of Integrated Broadcast-Broadband System
— Toward The Advanced Hybridcast Services —

Hisayuki Ohmata (Integrated Broadcast-Broadband Systems Research Division)

Research presentation 210:40 a.m.〜

Development and standardization of an optical interface for 8K Super Hi-Vision

Takuji Soeno (Advanced Television Systems Research Division)

Research presentation 311:00 a.m.〜

Using a multi-viewpoint camera to generate integral 3D images

Kensuke Ikeya (Three-Dimensional Image Research Division)

To be held on May 29 (Thu.)


Lecture 111:30 a.m.〜

Expectations for 8K Super Hi-Vision to be introduced in the medical field

Ryozo Nagai,
President, Jichi Medical University

Lecture 20:10 p.m.〜

Seeing both the forest and the trees: Techniques for analyzing big data

Tomoyuki Higuchi,
Executive Director of Research Organization of Information and Systems,
Director-General of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics