Access Guide

Access Guide
Odakyu / Tokyu Bus
Tokyu Bus
NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories
1-10-11 Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Japan

Bus Guide

From Bus Bus Stop To Required Time
Odakyu Line
Seijogakuenmae Sta.
South exit
Odakyu /
Tokyu Bus
1In front of Bakery
(Kobeya Fournil)
渋24To Shibuya Sta. About 10-15min.
Tokyu Bus 2In front of ATM
(The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ)
等12To Todoroki Soshajo用06To Yoga Sta. (weekday)都立01To Toritsudaigaku Sta. North exit
Tokyu Denentoshi Line
Yoga Sta.
Tokyu Bus 3Bus terminal 等12To Seijogakuenmae Sta.用06To Seijogakuenmae Sta. (weekday) About 20min.
Tokyu Denentoshi Line
Futakotamagawa Sta.
Tokyu Bus 4Bus terminal 玉31To National Center for Child Health and Development玉32To Museum (holiday) About 25-30min.
Sibuya Sta. Odakyu /
Tokyu Bus
3Bus terminal 渋24To Seijogakuenmae Sta. West exit About 40min.
Odakyu 0Bus terminal 渋26To Chofu Sta. South exit
  • - Please use the train and the bus for coming. Please get off at the bus stop: NHK Gijutsu Kenkyujo.
  • - The above-mentioned time required might be different depending on the transportation condition.