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Data Broadcasting Service to Select Sub-channel Using Color Buttons on Remote Controller


At NHK, we are using the characteristics of digital broadcasting for the purpose of subchannel broadcasting. Sometimes, people find channel-switching methods used by remote controls difficult to understand. We have developed a service that allows the viewer to switch between subchannels simply by pressing the colored buttons on the remote control.


●Using data broadcasting for channel switching between multiple subchannels
Switching between subchannels is made possible through data broadcasting. When multiple subchannels are transmitted in terrestrial digital broadcasting, pressing the d button brings up a channel guide display that lets viewers switch channels by pressing colored buttons. In addition, channel switching can be performed in BS digital broadcasting by using the temporary channel guide display shown at the start of viewing or at the start of a multiple subchannel broadcast.

In the works

We plan to launch a color button service for terrestrial digital broadcasting of our regional services. This exhibit is presented by the Broadcast Engineering Department.

Exhibited by Programming Depertment, Engineering Administration Depertment and
Broadcast Engineering Depertment.

Using the colored buttons on a remote control to switch channels

Using the colored buttons on a remote control to switch channels


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