Super Hi-Vision

Wide-color-gamut Super Hi-Vision System


To represent higher levels of visual realness and the sense of "being there", Super Hi-Vision uses wide-gamut system colorimetry※1, which can reproduce vivid colors accurately. We present a Super Hi-Vision camera and a Super Hi-Vision projector that are compliant with this wide-gamut system colorimetry.


●Wide-gamut colorimetry for Super Hi-Vision
The wide-color-gamut system can cover the color gamut of existing video standards and reproduce most of the real object colors with the Rec. ITU-R BT.2020※3 RGB primaries on the spectrum locus※2.
●Wide-color-gamut Super Hi-Vision camera
We have fabricated a prism that corresponds to the wide-gamut colorimetry and installed it in a Super Hi-Vision camera.
●Wide-color-gamut Super Hi-Vision projector
We use red, green, and blue lasers corresponding to the wide-gamut colorimetry as the light sources for the Super Hi-Vision projector.

In the works

We will develop the Super Hi-Vision system that satisfies all of the ultra high definition, wide color gamut, and high frame rate specifications based on the ITU-R Recommendation.

Three primary colors for the wide-gamut colorimetry and Pointer's colors

Three primary colors for the wide-gamut colorimetry and Pointer's colors

  • ※1 System colorimetry: A system for expressing colors quantitatively.
  • ※2 Spectrum locus: A curve on a chromaticity diagram that represents all colors of visible monochromatic light.
  • ※3 Recommendation ITU-R BT.2020: Parameter values for ultra high definition television systems for production and international programme exchange.

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